Paleontology and Evolutionary Science

Climatic influence on the growth pattern of Panthasaurus maleriensis from the Late Triassic of India deduced from paleohistology
2 citations · 1,913 views · 377 downloads
Extreme dispersal or human-transport? The enigmatic case of an extralimital freshwater occurrence of a Southern elephant seal from Indiana
1 citation · 2,928 views · 306 downloads
The oldest record of the Steller sea lion Eumetopias jubatus (Schreber, 1776) from the early Pleistocene of the North Pacific
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In situ SEM/EDS compositional characterization of osteocytes and blood vessels in fossil and extant turtles on untreated bone surfaces; different preservational pathways microns away
1 citation · 958 views · 215 downloads
A new ophiacanthid brittle star (Echinodermata, Ophiuroidea) from sublittoral crinoid and seagrass communities of late Maastrichtian age in the southeast Netherlands
3,166 views · 242 downloads
Additional records and stratigraphic distribution of the middle Eocene carettochelyid turtle Anosteira pulchra from the Uinta Formation of Utah, North America
1,125 views · 197 downloads
Valanginian occurrence of Pelomedusoides turtles in northern South America: revision of this hypothesis based on a new fossil remain
1 citation · 1,197 views · 206 downloads
A new balaenopterid species from the Southern North Sea Basin informs about phylogeny and taxonomy of Burtinopsis and Protororqualus (Cetacea, Mysticeti, Balaenopteridae)
3 citations · 2,065 views · 353 downloads
Testing pterosaur ingroup relationships through broader sampling of avemetatarsalian taxa and characters and a range of phylogenetic analysis techniques
3,089 views · 611 downloads
Disentangling biological variability and taphonomy: shape analysis of the limb long bones of the sauropodomorph dinosaur Plateosaurus
1 citation · 2,566 views · 556 downloads
Paleontology and Evolutionary Science

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Our article has been published today in @thePeerJ . Kudos to the successful collaboration with Elżbieta M. Teschner, Dorota Konietzko-Meier @Dhujati_Isi #Paleontology #Zoology #Histology #Paleontology

Very interesting tale(?) of a male southern elephant seal found in Indiana via @thePeerJ I love the variety of potential implications.

New pub on Japanese fossil pinnipeds: Earliest record of Steller's sea lion Eumetopias jubatus, based on a large jaw from the early Pleistocene Omma Formation of Japan. [Tsuzuku & Kohno, 2020]:

My article has been published today in @thePeerJ #CellBiology #Paleontology #Zoology #Histology

New records of the middle Eocene carettochelyid #turtle turtle Anosteira pulchra from the Uinta Formation of Utah out today by my wonderful @MidwesternUniv colleagues @BrentMwu and @DrBethTownsend, and @PatriciaHolroyd @thePeerJ:

An article I handled as editor has been published today @thePeerJ #Paleontology #Taxonomy #Zoology #brittlestar #scicomm

An article I handled as editor has been published today @thePeerJ #EvolutionaryStudies #Paleontology #Taxonomy #Zoology #Scicomm #Turtles

New pub: A new Pliocene Protororqualus balaenopterid species and revision of Burtinopsis #fossil #WHALES #paleontology #pliocenerenaissance via @thePeerJ

Testing early pterosaur relationships via @thePeerJ

New #GRAVIBONE paper by Lefebvre et al. on distinguishing biologically and taphonomically driven variation in the shape of the limb long bones in the sauropodomorph dinosaur Plateosaurus. Congrats Rémi!!

A new ophiacanthid brittle star named after Floor Jansen

Prehistoric brittle star named after Nightwish singer Floor Jansen | NOW

Fossil rock: paleontologists named ancient marine animal after Nightwish singer

Scientists Unveil New Species of Cretaceous Brittle Star