Paleontology and Evolutionary Science

The diverse radiodont fauna from the Marjum Formation of Utah, USA (Cambrian: Drumian)
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A three-dimensional approach to visualize pairwise morphological variation and its application to fragmentary palaeontological specimens
2,210 views · 349 downloads
A new caimanine alligatorid from the Middle Eocene of Southwest Texas and implications for spatial and temporal shifts in Paleogene crocodyliform diversity
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Taphonomic patterns mimic biologic structures: diagenetic Liesegang rings in Mesozoic coleoids and coprolites
2 citations · 1,284 views · 195 downloads
The ecomorphology of the shell of extant turtles and its applications for fossil turtles
3 citations · 2,935 views · 552 downloads
Australia’s prehistoric ‘swamp king’: revision of the Plio-Pleistocene crocodylian genus Pallimnarchus de Vis, 1886
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Complexities of assessing palaeocave stratigraphy: reconstructing site formation of the ∼2.61 Ma Drimolen Makondo fossil site
784 views · 171 downloads
Uncovering the hidden diversity of Mississippian crinoids (Crinoidea, Echinodermata) from Poland
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Archosauriform footprints in the Lower Triassic of Western Alps and their role in understanding the effects of the Permian-Triassic hyperthermal
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Polyester or epoxy: assessing embedding product efficacy in paleohistological methods
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Paleontology and Evolutionary Science

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@StephenPates @InvertebratePal @cambriancritter 's latest contribution to the study of radiodonts and the Marjum Biota out today in OA journal PeerJ. Breathtaking artwork by @SulScientific

Morphometric method for identifying fragmentary bones, applied to megaraptoran manus claws:

159 days ago
@batteethh The caiman paper if you need it:

Got to combine my two great loves - taphonomy and fossil soft-bodied cephalopods again! ♥️

Site formation of DMK (2.61Ma) via @thePeerJ

Carboniferous crinoids from Poland via @thePeerJ

Ecomorphology turtle shell via @thePeerJ

Archosauriform footprints from Italy via @thePeerJ

Excited to announce that the first paper from my PhD project has been published @thePeerJ! Shout-out to my co-authors @implexidens @TheFatWombat @WeisbeckerLab, Adam Yates and Ralph Molnar. via @thePeerJ

Congrats to my grad student Christian @checkcheckheck and former student Gwyneth! Their methods paper is out in @thePeerJ #Paleontology #Zoology #Histology @OSUVertPaleo @OSUMedicine

The Guardian: "Footprints of crocodile-like prehistoric reptile found in Italian Alps"

New fossil provides clarity to the history of Alligatoridae