Paleontology and Evolutionary Science

Photosymbiosis in Late Triassic scleractinian corals from the Italian Dolomites
896 views · 190 downloads
Divergent morphological responses to millennia of climate change in two species of bats from Hall’s Cave, Texas, USA
991 views · 218 downloads
Age constraint for the Moreno Hill Formation (Zuni Basin) by CA-TIMS and LA-ICP-MS detrital zircon geochronology
1,316 views · 217 downloads
A revision of Prolimulus woodwardi Fritsch, 1899 with comparison to other highly paedomorphic belinurids
863 views · 158 downloads
Maniraptoran pelvic musculature highlights evolutionary patterns in theropod locomotion on the line to birds
2,914 views · 548 downloads
Cranial ornamentation in the Late Cretaceous nodosaurid ankylosaur Hungarosaurus
2,212 views · 382 downloads
Ontogeny of highly variable ceratitid ammonoids from the Anisian (Middle Triassic)
1,064 views · 209 downloads
Sheath-tailed bats (Chiroptera: Emballonuridae) from the early Pleistocene Rackham’s Roost Site, Riversleigh World Heritage Area, and the distribution of northern Australian emballonurid species
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A new kentriodontid (Cetacea: Odontoceti) from the early to middle Miocene of the western North Pacific and a revision of kentriodontid phylogeny
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Refining the marine reptile turnover at the Early–Middle Jurassic transition
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Paleontology and Evolutionary Science

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Late Carnian symbiotic corals via @thePeerJ

Published today with @illiamjackson, @melisabetta and undergrad assistant, Daniel Ramirez in PeerJ. 3 emoji summary:

So my 1st research paper as a budding geologist has JUST been published!!! Age constraint for the Moreno Hill Fm. via @thePeerJ Big thanks to my co-authors @gravelmonkey_76 @ExpeditionLive, Jim Crowley and to our research institutions including @scienceSUN

Evolution of maniraptoran pelvic musculature: #dinosaurs #birds

Cranial ornamentation in Hungarosaurus via @thePeerJ

Geometrics morphometrics applied to study ontogeny and intraspecific variation within Anisian ceratitids: via @thePeerJ

King et al. @UNSW @UniofAdelaide @SAMuseum examine sheath-tailed #bats from the early Pleistocene Rackham’s Roost Site, Riversleigh World Heritage Area Read the full @PeerJLife article #Ecology #EvolutionaryStudies #Paleontology

A #NewSpecies of an extinct #dolphin belonging to the kentriodontids is described from the upper lower to lowest middle Miocene Kadonosawa Formation in #Ninohe City, Japan @UofTsukuba Read the full @PeerJLife article

New paper out today on the faunal turnover that affected marine reptiles across the Early-Middle Jurassic transition! @ULiegeRecherche @naturmusee