Paleontology and Evolutionary Science

Evidence of integumentary scale diversity in the late Jurassic Sauropod Diplodocus sp. from the Mother’s Day Quarry, Montana
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First remains of the enormous alligatoroid Deinosuchus from the Upper Cretaceous Menefee Formation, New Mexico
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Geology and taphonomy of a unique tyrannosaurid bonebed from the upper Campanian Kaiparowits Formation of southern Utah: implications for tyrannosaurid gregariousness
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A new fossil mantis shrimp and the convergent evolution of a lobster-like morphotype
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Age and growth of Palaeoloxodon huaihoensis from Penghu Channel, Taiwan: significance of their age distribution based on fossils
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Rethinking the use of finite element simulations in comparative biomechanics research
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Injuries and molting interference in a trilobite from the Cambrian (Furongian) of South China
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Feroxichthys panzhouensis sp. nov., a hump-backed colobodontid (Neopterygii, Actinopterygii) from the early Middle Triassic of Panzhou, Guizhou, China
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A new brachylophosaurin (Dinosauria: Hadrosauridae) from the Upper Cretaceous Menefee Formation of New Mexico
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Sinomacrops bondei, a new anurognathid pterosaur from the Jurassic of China and comments on the group
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Paleontology and Evolutionary Science

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This amazing fossil, discovered by me and my mom, Lisa Marshall, at the Mother’s Day Quarry in Montana, exhibits several new scale shapes and orientations never before seen in Diplodocus. 2/8

Os primeiros restos do enorme aligatoróide Deinosuchus da Formação Menefee do Cretáceo Superior, Novo México

New @PeerJLife study explores geology and taphonomy of a unique #tyrannosaurid bonebed from southern Utah and its implications for tyrannosaurid gregariousness Full article @DenverMuseumNS @UArkansas @colbygeology @jcu #EvolutionaryStudies #Paleontology

Just published in @PeerJLife - A #NewSpecies and new fossil mantis #shrimp and the convergent evolution of a lobster-like morphotype Research from Haug and Haug @LMU_Muenchen Read the full article #EvolutionaryStudies #Paleontology

Idade e crescimento de Palaeoloxodon huaihoensis do Canal de Penghu, Taiwan: significado de sua distribuição etária com base em fósseis

Lesões e interferência de muda em um trilobita do Cambriano (Furongiano) do Sul da China #trilobita #trilobite

A #NewSpecies of hump-backed #colobodontid from the early Middle Triassic of #Panzhou China is named in @PeerJLife article #Aquaculture #Fisheries #FishScience #Evolution #Paleontology

Important perspective piece by @Tseng_ZJ in @thePeerJ : comparative FEA studies with low sample size (<11) can lead to false positives (for biomechanical performance - feeding ecology correlations in mammalian skulls, but probably more broadly!).

An article I handled as editor has just been published @thePeerJ Congratulations to A. McDonald (@WesternCenter) and collaborators and many thanks to @AlbertPrietoMa1, P. Bell, and @paleoduck for their expert assistance! #Dinosaur #NewMexico

#Anurognathids are an elusive group of diminutive, potentially arboreal #pterosaurs. Published today in @peerjlife, Wei et al present a new genus and species from the Middle-Late Jurassic Tiaojishan Formation - Sinomacrops bondei". Read the full article

Mass T. Rex Death Site Births a Terrifying Theory

Tyrannosaurs may have hunted in packs like wolves, new research has found