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Our article with @FlorealSole has been published today in @PeerJLife Welcome to Tartarocyon, a new gigantic Amphicyonidae !! #Ecology #EvolutionaryStudies #Paleontology #Zoology 1/2

Europe’s largest land predator found on the Isle of Wight Learn more on the PeerJ blog See the full article Research from Barker et al. @unisouthampton @EvoPalaeoLab #Paleontology #Spinosaurid @TetZoo Artwork by @anthon5001

So here it finally is! The last paper of my PhD. Finally published.

A new hybodontiform shark (Strophodus Agassiz 1838) from the Lower Cretaceous (Valanginian-Hauterivian) of Colombia @thePeerJ

Yuan et al. present a new #perleidid #neopterygian fish from the Early Triassic of South China, with a reassessment of the relationships of Perleidiformes Read the full article #NewSpecies #Aquaculture #Paleontology

New paper by my PhD advisor Gabriel Aguirre on kentriods, physeteroids and squalodelphinids from Switzerland. Also, check the 3D models which are of course Open Access and free to use around.

Abnormal Devonian brachiopods from China via @PeerJLife #paleobiology #paleopathology #paleontology

Dental pathologies in sharks via @PeerJLife

Kellner et al. present a reassessment of Faxinalipterus minimus, a purported #Triassic #pterosaur from southern Brazil with the description of a new taxon Read the full article #Paleontology #Zoology

Species limits and recent diversification of Cerradomys during the Pleistocene Read the full article #Biodiversity #Genetics #MolecularBiology

A New Species Of Prehistoric 'Bear-Dog' Discovered In The Pyrenees

Prehistoric BEAR DOG roamed the Pyrenees 36 million years ago: Fossilised lower jaw of a previously unknown 50-stone predator is unearthed in France

One of Europe's 'largest ever' predatory dinosaurs discovered in the U.K.

‘Europe’s biggest-ever land predator’ discovered in UK

Bones found on Isle of Wight may be from Europe’s biggest predator dinosaur

Europe's 'largest ever' predator dinosaur found on Isle of Wight

Remains of Europe's largest ever land predator dinosaur the spinosaurid found on Isle of Wight

225-million-year-old reptile is not a pterosaur, study shows

A new 225-million-year-old reptile from Brazil

A New 225-Million-Year-Old Reptile From Brazil