Paleontology and Evolutionary Science

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VSEARCH: a versatile open source tool for metagenomics
1,540 citations · 21,321 views · 4,038 downloads
Poppr: an R package for genetic analysis of populations with clonal, partially clonal, and/or sexual reproduction
719 citations · 25,777 views · 4,190 downloads
Using observation-level random effects to model overdispersion in count data in ecology and evolution
386 citations · 19,348 views · 4,699 downloads
Anvi’o: an advanced analysis and visualization platform for ‘omics data
431 citations · 24,883 views · 4,219 downloads
PhyloSift: phylogenetic analysis of genomes and metagenomes
351 citations · 30,763 views · 5,293 downloads
Swarm: robust and fast clustering method for amplicon-based studies
327 citations · 15,846 views · 2,351 downloads
Subsampled open-reference clustering creates consistent, comprehensive OTU definitions and scales to billions of sequences
314 citations · 19,727 views · 3,900 downloads
VirSorter: mining viral signal from microbial genomic data
297 citations · 22,339 views · 3,443 downloads
Compact graphical representation of phylogenetic data and metadata with GraPhlAn
252 citations · 22,394 views · 3,219 downloads
GroopM: an automated tool for the recovery of population genomes from related metagenomes
150 citations · 8,711 views · 1,888 downloads
Paleontology and Evolutionary Science

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Parra-Olea et al. ( Partial revision of the genus, phylogenetic hypothesis, and five new species of the Mexican plethodontid salamander genus Chiropterotriton (C. casasi, C. ceronorum, C. melipona, C. perotensis, C. totonacus)

Characterization of the bacterial microbiota composition and #evolution at different intestinal tract in wild pigs (Sus scrofa ussuricus) @thePeerJ

Microbiome analysis by primmorphs. Took more than year to publish с помощью @thePeerJ

Studying the impacts of wheat spatial position and phenology on cereal aphid abundance @MeravSeifan

My article has been published today in @thePeerJ #Biodiversity #MolecularBiology #PlantScience

A population genetic R-evolution