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A specimen-level phylogenetic analysis and taxonomic revision of Diplodocidae (Dinosauria, Sauropoda)
93 citations · 69,982 views · 8,026 downloads
Anatomy, feeding ecology, and ontogeny of a transitional baleen whale: a new genus and species of Eomysticetidae (Mammalia: Cetacea) from the Oligocene of New Zealand
48 citations · 8,880 views · 1,755 downloads
Development and evolution of the unique cetacean dentition
39 citations · 10,408 views · 2,235 downloads
Quantification of intraskeletal histovariability in Alligator mississippiensis and implications for vertebrate osteohistology
40 citations · 5,296 views · 1,288 downloads
Pulmonary anatomy in the Nile crocodile and the evolution of unidirectional airflow in Archosauria
37 citations · 20,907 views · 3,189 downloads
Multiple global radiations in tadpole shrimps challenge the concept of ‘living fossils’
32 citations · 11,047 views · 1,848 downloads
Phylogeny of Paleozoic limbed vertebrates reassessed through revision and expansion of the largest published relevant data matrix
32 citations · 4,918 views · 2,141 downloads
Testing accuracy in 2D and 3D geometric morphometric methods for cut mark identification and classification
22 citations · 2,426 views · 676 downloads
Quantitative histological models suggest endothermy in plesiosaurs
17 citations · 5,854 views · 1,175 downloads
Tetrapod tracks in Permo–Triassic eolian beds of southern Brazil (Paraná Basin)
17 citations · 4,334 views · 738 downloads
Paleontology and Evolutionary Science

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A #NewSpecies described from a partial skeleton of a hybodontiform shark-like chondrichthyan from the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay Formation of England in @PeerJLife article @univienna @TEC_Kimmeridge #Aquaculture #Fisheries #Paleontology #Taxonomy

New paper on Morphological variability and genetic diversity in Carex buxbaumii and Carex hartmaniorum (#Cyperaceae) populations

New study of pelvic morphometrics in Felidae:

Osteology of the small dyrosaurid crocodyliform Cerrejonisuchus from Colombia, with morphospace comparisons to other taxa that emphasize the weirdness of dyrosaurids- #OA

A #NewSpecies of #Nostolepis scale remains discovered in the Lower Devonian of Qujing, China Read the full @PeerJLife article #EvolutionaryStudies #MarineBiology #Paleontology #Taxonomy

Léonard et al. @UniversiteLiege present #ToRQuEMaDA: tool for retrieving queried Eubacteria, metadata and dereplicating assemblies Read the full @PeerJLife article #Bioinformatics #Genomics #Microbiology #Taxonomy

Presenting the Wapiti Formation’s first lambeosaurine #dinosaur! Led by the intrepid @ERS_UNE/@PalaeoScience MSc student @bray_holland and part of the #BADP field project, we describe the mass death of some juvenile dinosaurs @CurrieMuseum

An article I handled as editor has just been published @thePeerJ Congratulations to @ArthurErb1 and @alanhturner and many thanks to @PalaeoStephan, @BronzatiMario and an anonymous reviewer for their expert assistance! #Crocodile #Paleoneurology

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