Paleontology and Evolutionary Science

Effects of taphonomic deformation on geometric morphometric analysis of fossils: a study using the dicynodont Diictodon feliceps (Therapsida, Anomodontia)
Mark Young –– An interesting study quantifying shape change, and the impact of taphonomy.
Endocranial anatomy of the ceratopsid dinosaur Triceratops and interpretations of sensory and motor function
Brandon Hedrick –– Very useful to workers studying dinosaur neurobiology.
Climatic influence on the growth pattern of Panthasaurus maleriensis from the Late Triassic of India deduced from paleohistology
Mark Young –– An interesting study, albeit with a small sample size, on a poorly understood group of fossil tetrapods. It provides insight into growth history and distribution patterns.
Extreme dispersal or human-transport? The enigmatic case of an extralimital freshwater occurrence of a Southern elephant seal from Indiana
Mathew Wedel –– Whether the elephant seal in question made it to Indiana under its own power or was transported by humans, it's an amazing find and a reminder that the world is often bigger and stranger than we realize.
A new ophiacanthid brittle star (Echinodermata, Ophiuroidea) from sublittoral crinoid and seagrass communities of late Maastrichtian age in the southeast Netherlands
Mark Young –– This is an important paper that presents new interpretations of ophiuroid fossil specimens.
Decomposition of dinosaurian remains inferred by invertebrate traces on vertebrate bone reveal new insights into Late Jurassic ecology, decay, and climate in western Colorado
Mathew Wedel –– No-one has done an analysis on this scale for a Morrison Formation dinosaur quarry, or possibly for any dinosaur quarry. It should set a new standard for this type of study.
A high-resolution growth series of Tyrannosaurus rex obtained from multiple lines of evidence
Mark Young –– This publication is a major step forward for investigating ontogenetic trends in a fossil animal, and will no doubt be a hallmark paper others will follow. Moreover, it will undoubtedly help those working on Tyrannosaurus rex and tyrannosaurids untangle issues surrounding 'dwarf taxa' vs ontogenetic morphs.
How many ontogenetic points are needed to accurately describe the ontogeny of a cephalopod conch? A case study of the modern nautilid Nautilus pompilius
Christopher Glasby
Filamentous cyanobacteria preserved in masses of fungal hyphae from the Triassic of Antarctica
Craig Moyer –– This manuscript documents the first Mesozoic cyanobacterial fossils preserved in fungal hyphal masses within a leaf-rich permineralized (silicified) peat and represents a novel finding from the Triassic of Antarctica.
The history of mesowear: a review
Clara Stefen –– As the reviewrs have altready pointed out the review helps others and young scientists new to the field to read condensed history of mesowear and decide which variation of the original method to use and even more important to use the right citation!!
Paleontology and Evolutionary Science

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Presenting the Wapiti Formation’s first lambeosaurine #dinosaur! Led by the intrepid @ERS_UNE/@PalaeoScience MSc student @bray_holland and part of the #BADP field project, we describe the mass death of some juvenile dinosaurs @CurrieMuseum

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This amazing fossil, discovered by me and my mom, Lisa Marshall, at the Mother’s Day Quarry in Montana, exhibits several new scale shapes and orientations never before seen in Diplodocus. 2/8

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