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Osteology of the axial skeleton of Aucasaurus garridoi: phylogenetic and paleobiological inferences
"The article provides for the first time a thorough description of an important specimen. I expect that it will be cited frequently."
Mathew Wedel, Handling Editor
Bite and tooth marks on sauropod dinosaurs from the Morrison Formation
"The Morrison Formation is one of the iconic depositional series for dinosaur fossils, and this study gives an in-depth examination of tooth marks on sauropod fossil from multiple localities."
Mark Young, Handling Editor
Critical re-examination of known purported fossil Bombycoidea (Lepidoptera)
"Heikkilä and colleagues provide a vital assessment of Bombycoidea fossils (or those purported to belong to this superfamily). Close and critical examination of fossils is important in downstream divergence time estimation and secondary calibrations derived from those, so the identification of fossils is the key stage."
Joseph Gillespie, Handling Editor
Automatic identification and morphological comparison of bivalve and brachiopod fossils based on deep learning
"The study provides an interesting comparison of machine learning approaches in the accuracy of distinguishing brachiopods and bivalves."
Kenneth De Baets, Handling Editor
The tetrapod fauna of the upper Permian Naobaogou Formation of China: 10. Jimusaria monanensis sp. nov. (Dicynodontia) shows a unique epipterygoid
"The Ms is part of a series of contributions on the important late Permian tetrapod assemblage from the Naobaogou Formation of China, pivotal to our understanding of turnover around the Permo-Triassic mass extinction in the region. Additionally, it anatomically describes new cranial structures previously unknown in dicynodot sinapsids."
Claudia Marsicano, Handling Editor
The quality of the fossil record across higher taxa: compositional fidelity of phyla and classes in benthic marine associations
"Unique study demonstrating the importance and suitability of dead assemblage as proxies for community structure."
Kenneth De Baets, Handling Editor
Kekveus brevisulcatus sp. nov., a new featherwing beetle from mid-Cretaceous amber of northern Myanmar (Coleoptera: Ptiliidae)
"The study focuses on the phylogenetic analyses of a new member of Ptiliidae (Kekveus). It is an important addition to the knowledge of these small beetles."
Mona Hussein, Handling Editor
An integrated leaf trait analysis of two Paleogene leaf floras
"The study presents and applies a novel methodology comparing leaf trait and insect damage data."
Kenneth De Baets, Handling Editor
Rapid growth in Late Cretaceous sea turtles reveals life history strategies similar to extant leatherbacks
"Using long bone histology, this study reveals that Protostega, a large Cretaceous protostegid sea turtle, was characterized by a sustained rapid growth in early ontogeny, which is similar to what is seen in the modern leatherback sea turtle."
Jérémy Anquetin, Handling Editor
A taxonomic revision of the Sinopterus complex (Pterosauria, Tapejaridae) from the Early Cretaceous Jehol Biota, with the new genus Huaxiadraco
"An excellent contribution to the literature, one that delves into disputed Chinese Cretaceous pterosaurs. New specimens are described therein, there is an overview of the taxonomic issues surrounding this issue."
Mark Young, Handling Editor

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