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Effects of preservation method on canine (Canis lupus familiaris) fecal microbiota (2018) PeerJ

Konstantinos Kormas –– Sampling and handling of samples is very crucial in -omics based studies and very often the necessary attention is not met in publiched works. Such studies are necessary... –– read more

VSEARCH: a versatile open source tool for metagenomics
287 citations · 10,848 views · 1,894 downloads
Poppr: an R package for genetic analysis of populations with clonal, partially clonal, and/or sexual reproduction
292 citations · 20,098 views · 3,119 downloads
PhyloSift: phylogenetic analysis of genomes and metagenomes
206 citations · 26,364 views · 4,673 downloads
Subsampled open-reference clustering creates consistent, comprehensive OTU definitions and scales to billions of sequences
167 citations · 17,011 views · 3,367 downloads
Swarm: robust and fast clustering method for amplicon-based studies
145 citations · 12,580 views · 1,790 downloads
Compact graphical representation of phylogenetic data and metadata with GraPhlAn
97 citations · 16,526 views · 2,428 downloads
Anvi’o: an advanced analysis and visualization platform for ‘omics data
96 citations · 16,107 views · 2,641 downloads
GroopM: an automated tool for the recovery of population genomes from related metagenomes
101 citations · 7,163 views · 1,535 downloads
VirSorter: mining viral signal from microbial genomic data
90 citations · 12,757 views · 2,090 downloads
Associations between the human intestinal microbiota, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and serum lipids indicated by integrated analysis of high-throughput profiling data
68 citations · 7,862 views · 2,682 downloads

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At last! VSEARCH is here https://t.co/LerRP1DBVV via @thePeerJ

#R análisis genético de poblaciones con reproducción clonal, parcialmente clonal y/o sexual https://t.co/nkfOayPmGl #rstatsES #DataScience https://t.co/xU3qpbABaM

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Alicia Clum: Check out VirSorter at https://t.co/Ni3fgv2gL6 @doe_jgi #PBUGM

A population genetic R-evolution

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