Contributions of Latin American researchers in the understanding of the novel coronavirus outbreak: a literature review
Robert Winkler –– The review demonstrates the general performance of scientific research in Latin America in response to a critical threat. Thus, it might influence political decision-makers.
The interplay between movement, morphology and dispersal in Tetrahymena ciliates
Claire Paris –– Dispersal, in the broader sense of the term, is the movement away from the birthplace and is a common phenomenon that occurs in most living organisms at some point of their life history. The genotypic basis of movement behavior in unicellular organisms is an important finding
A recombinase polymerase amplification-lateral flow dipstick assay for rapid detection of the quarantine citrus pathogen in China, Phytophthora hibernalis
Simon Shamoun –– The molecular assays developed in this work is aimed at being used to detect the quarantine pathogen Phytophthora hibernalis in diagnostic laboratories, plant inspection departments specially under time- and resources limited conditions. RPA technique probably meets the regulatory agencies guidelines.
Validity of the iLOAD® app for resistance training monitoring
Scotty Butcher –– This new app solves a problem with current apps in the resistance monitoring literature by allowing real-time velocity feedback. The authors have shown excellent validity compared with direct velocity measures.
Diagnostic performance of clinical properties and conventional magnetic resonance imaging for determining the IDH1 mutation status in glioblastoma: a retrospective study
Cheng-Chia Yu –– The combined use of patient age and tumor volume can enhance the diagnostic specificity of glioblastoma.
Effectiveness of nasal irrigation devices: a Thai multicentre survey
Rogerio Sotelo-Mundo –– This paper addresses nasal irrigation as an adjuvant chemical-free method to alleviate symptoms, supporting its use in the rhinology medical practice.
HERVs, immunity, and autoimmunity: understanding the connection
Fernando Spilki –– The manuscript gives an up to date and comprehensible overview about the interrelationships between HERVs and immunity.
Drivers and assemblies of soil eukaryotic microbes among different soil habitat types in a semi-arid mountain in China
Scott Wallen –– Claudia helped a lot accepting several invitations for reviewing the revised manuscript. A thorough and thoughtful reviewer!
Fine-scale differentiation between Bacillus anthracis and Bacillus cereus group signatures in metagenome shotgun data
Lesley Hoyles –– Highlights the need for careful analyses of metagenomic data when looking at closely related bacteria, and proposes a way of dealing with this. Applicable to metagenomic studies across a range of ecological niches.
The impact of the Wenchuan earthquake on early puberty: a natural experiment
Charlie Zhang –– Large and geographically extensive sample, sound research design and significant results confirming the harmful effects of Wenchuan earthquake on early puberty.

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