Microbial community analysis in the gills of abalones suggested possible dominance of epsilonproteobacterium in Haliotis gigantea
Mohammad Shamsur Rahman –– The article described the microbial diversity in the gill of abalone by applying different approaches and find out the dominant group that will be helpful for aquaculture and health management purposes!
A preoperative nomogram for sepsis in percutaneous nephrolithotomy treating solitary, unilateral and proximal ureteral stones
Paul Tulkens –– At a time when resistance of many bacteria, especially in the hospital and in case of nosocomal urinary tract and kidney infections to many antibiotics, becomes a major issue and makes effective treatments increasingly difficult to design, approaches aiming at defining risk factors become increasingly important. Such methods may indeed help in reducing the amount of antibiotic used by decreasing the proportion of patients who receive antibiotics in the absence of clear indication and re therefore unnecessary but contribute to the development and spreading of resistance. The approach presented in this paper needs to be seriously considered when antibiotics are proposed in patients treated for a specific type of renal lithiasis and undergoing percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Development of this approach to other types of lithiasis, and to other infections (using appropriate markers) would be worthwhile to be developed.
Quality of life after hip fracture: a 12-month prospective study
Liang Gao –– The authors reported their analysis of health-related quality of life after a hip fracture in the Spanish population, especially with long-term follow-up.
Relationship between the average slope in the active commuting to and from school and fitness in adolescents: the mediator role of fatness
Justin Keogh –– This study adds insight into our understanding of how physical fitneds might be related to active commuting to and from school in a quite high sample of high school students.
COVID-19: Taiwan’s epidemiological characteristics and public and hospital responses
Antonio Palazón-Bru –– Control measures in the hospital and community settings in the Pandemic of COVID-19.
Comparative study of gut microbiota in Tibetan wild asses (Equus kiang) and domestic donkeys (Equus asinus) on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau
Siouxsie Wiles –– Interesting comparison of wild and domesticated animals that live in a harsh environment
Contributions of Latin American researchers in the understanding of the novel coronavirus outbreak: a literature review
Robert Winkler –– The review demonstrates the general performance of scientific research in Latin America in response to a critical threat. Thus, it might influence political decision-makers.
Prevalence and molecular characterization of some circulating strains of the peste-des-petits-ruminants virus in Saudi Arabia between 2014–2016
Siouxsie Wiles –– Describes a globally important virus within the context of Saudi Arabia
Characterization of the bacterial microbiota composition and evolution at different intestinal tract in wild pigs (Sus scrofa ussuricus)
Abhishek Kumar –– cross discipline
A low caffeine dose improves maximal strength, but not relative muscular endurance in either heavier-or lighter-loads, or perceptions of effort or discomfort at task failure in females
Amador García-Ramos –– This article is important because it examined the effects of caffeine on a number of variables in a sample of women which is more rarely examined in the scientific literature.

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