Polylactic acid as a suitable material for 3D printing of protective masks in times of COVID-19 pandemic
Sanket Joshi –– Authors reported an interesting applications of Polylactic acid (PLA) as a suitable material for the 3D printing of protective masks, meant to be used during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Comparison of the diversity of cultured and total bacterial communities in marine sediment using culture-dependent and sequencing methods
Michael LaMontagne –– This study is one of the few to examine the relationship between the composition of media and the recovery of previously yet-to-be cultured bacteria from sediments.
Vegetation drives the structure of active microbial communities on an acidogenic mine tailings deposit
Sanket Joshi –– Current manuscript characterizes and highlights the plant-microbe associations in harsh environments such as mine site, that could (possibly) improve plant fitness, and help restore such disturbed sites.
Upper-room ultraviolet air disinfection might help to reduce COVID-19 transmission in buildings: a feasibility study
Todd Anderson –– Clearly, a very timely manuscript.
Evaluation of different culture media to support in vitro growth and biofilm formation of bacterial vaginosis-associated anaerobes
Joseph Gillespie –– Rosca and colleagues demonstrate the experimental conditions for cultivating fastidious bacteria associated with vaginosis.
Combating SARS-CoV-2: leveraging microbicidal experiences with other emerging/re-emerging viruses
Jason Blackburn –– Pathogens present significant challenges to public and veterinary health and society. Novel pathogens without vaccines present even greater challenges. Across these groups of pathogens, proper microbicidal products are critical when combating pathogens and a first line of defense for restricting spread of novel viruses, particularly pandemic strains. The ongoing pandemic illustrates this risk and the need for rapid response with appropriate tools to manage the risk. This review helps to better understand the state of knowledge for tackling novel viruses with microbicides and will be a handy tool for policy makers and researchers alike.
Uncovering the microbiome of invasive sympatric European brown hares and European rabbits in Australia
Konstantinos Kormas –– A comprehensive study on the microbiota of an invasive terrestrial mammal.
Improved normalization of species count data in ecology by scaling with ranked subsampling (SRS): application to microbial communities
Craig Moyer –– This manuscript provides a superior alternative to analyzing community structure using rarefaction curves.
Arabidopsis thaliana exudates induce growth and proteomic changes in Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus
Jesús Campos-García –– Results contribute with new knowledge in the plant-microorganism interaction by proteomic and genomic approach.
RdRp mutations are associated with SARS-CoV-2 genome evolution
Rodrigo Nunes-da-Fonseca –– During the COVID-19 pandemia it is important to understand the mutations associated with SARS-COV2 virus.

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