Diagnosis and treatment of epididymal tuberculosis: a review of 47 cases
Paul Tulkens –– Diagnostic of epididymal tuberculosis is still difficult, especially at an early stage. The authors call usefully our attention to this problem. Although the study is more a collection of case reports rather than a true epidemiological study (made difficult due to the low frequency of this infection), the appropriate treatment (surgery combined with preoperative and postoperative chemotherapy) is nicely discussed and will be of interests to clinicians are nicely discussed.
Sagittal spinal morphotype assessment in 8 to 15 years old Inline Hockey players
Liang Gao –– This study assessed the implications of Inline Hockey practice on the sagittal integrative spinal morphotype in adolescent players.
The interplay between movement, morphology and dispersal in Tetrahymena ciliates
Claire Paris –– Dispersal, in the broader sense of the term, is the movement away from the birthplace and is a common phenomenon that occurs in most living organisms at some point of their life history. The genotypic basis of movement behavior in unicellular organisms is an important finding
Prognostic factors and survival outcomes according to tumor subtype in patients with breast cancer lung metastases
Walter de Azevedo Jr. –– In this paper, the authors described a study focused on prognosis of breast cancer lung metastases. The manuscript brings analysis of data obtained from 6516 patients with lung metastatic breast cancer. Their results gave new insight into the incidence, prognostic assessment, and risk stratification of breast cancer with lung metastases, enriching the study of the epidemiology of this occurrence.
The impact of storage conditions on human stool 16S rRNA microbiome composition and diversity
Xavier Pochon –– This study explored the influence of time-to-freezing, storage preservation methodology, and stool heterogeneity on human microbiome profiles from a Ugandan community under resource-limited fieldwork settings. conditions 104 setting.
The discriminative power of the ReproQ: a client experience questionnaire in maternity care
Abhijit Pakhare –– Public health programs are now moving from coverage to quality. This article have tested a questionnaire which facilitates identification of areas of improvement for quality and patient experience.
Accumulation of di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate from polyvinyl chloride flooring into settled house dust and the effect on the bacterial community
Monika Mortimer –– The article extends our understanding on how indoor chemicals may affect our immediate environment and through that - human health.
Environmental sampling to assess the bioburden of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis in drylot pens on California dairies
Javier Alvarez-Rodriguez –– An advance to assess bovine tuberculosis infection
A Sparse-Modeling Based Approach for Class Specific Feature Selection
Tzung-Pei Hong –– It is a good paper and may provide some reference values to the scholars in this field.
A recombinase polymerase amplification-lateral flow dipstick assay for rapid detection of the quarantine citrus pathogen in China, Phytophthora hibernalis
Siouxsie Wiles –– A very neat paper describing a rapid assay to detect plant pathogens from fruit.

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