Relationships between parents’ academic backgrounds and incomes and building students’ healthy eating habits
David Meyre –– Timely and relevant study.
Effects of tobacco smoke and electronic cigarette vapor exposure on the oral and gut microbiota in humans: a pilot study
Valeria Souza –– electronic cigarette is a new trendy substitution to normal cigarettes, albeit, they do have an effect on the microbiome of their users. This open the door to do more research on this relevant topic of human health.
Improving physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep in COPD: perspectives of people with COPD and experts via a Delphi approach
Linda Ehrlich-Jones –– New approach with Delphi technique.
Comparison of pathological characteristics between self-detected and screen-detected invasive breast cancers in Chinese women: a retrospective study
Lanjing Zhang –– This article compared the clinicopathologic characteristics of self-detected and screening detected breast cancers in China.
Strain-level genetic diversity of Methylophaga nitratireducenticrescens confers plasticity to denitrification capacity in a methylotrophic marine denitrifying biofilm
Siouxsie Wiles –– Describes some novel phenotypes for these types of bacteria
Effects of fertilizations on soil bacteria and fungi communities in a degraded arid steppe revealed by high through-put sequencing
Valeria Souza –– The erosion of arid lands is a worldwide concern, the study is well conducted and their result are relevant for decision makers and future agriculture practices in those soils.
Pre-trained convolutional neural networks as feature extractors toward improved malaria parasite detection in thin blood smear images
Henkjan Huisman –– It describes experiments that uncover knowledge to help build an affordable diagnostic tool for assessing Malaria in resource-constrained countries.
Oligotrophic wetland sediments susceptible to shifts in microbiomes and mercury cycling with dissolved organic matter addition
Siouxsie Wiles –– As soon as people hear the word mercury, they immediately associate it with toxicity and ill health. Shedding light on the role microbes play in this will be of wide interest.
Detection of PCV2e strains in Southeast China
Fernando Spilki –– The authors describe the characterization of an emerging genotype from an important animal pathogen.
The risk of hospitalization for respiratory tract infection (RTI) in children who are treated with high-dose IVIG in Kawasaki Disease: a nationwide population-based matched cohort study
Vincenzo Brancaleone –– IVIG’s protection over infections is an interesting aspect that has been discussed in the manuscript and opens new perspectives in terms of different type pathogens to deal with

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New study compares gut bacteria of vapers, non- smokers and tobacco smokers

Vapers and non-smokers have the same flourishing gut flora