Patterns in evolutionary origins of heme, chlorophyll a and isopentenyl diphosphate biosynthetic pathways suggest non-photosynthetic periods prior to plastid replacements in dinoflagellates
Daniel Lahr –– This article attempts to retrace the complex history of re-construction of the photosynthetic pathway in organisms that went through serial endosymbiosis. It is likely to be relevant to biologists working on evolution, endosymbiosis and lateral gene transfer, thus making it a broadly interesting paper.
Perceived user preferences and usability evaluation of mainstream wearable devices for health monitoring
Jie Liu –– Health care
Taxonomic annotation errors incorrectly assign the family Pseudoalteromonadaceae to the order Vibrionales in Greengenes: implications for microbial community assessments
Siouxsie Wiles –– An important article that reminds us to be aware of the assumptions we make around databases and other resources we rely on.
The impact of the Wenchuan earthquake on early puberty: a natural experiment
Charlie Zhang –– Large and geographically extensive sample, sound research design and significant results confirming the harmful effects of Wenchuan earthquake on early puberty.
Transcriptomic evidence for involvement of reactive oxygen species in Rhizoctonia solani AG1 IA sclerotia maturation
Siouxsie Wiles –– Sounds like a really interesting study to those working on plant fungal pathogens.
Epidemiology of Haemophilus parasuis isolates from pigs in China using serotyping, antimicrobial susceptibility, biofilm formation and ERIC-PCR genotyping
Sheng Chen –– Haemophilus parasuis is a very important pathogen in animals. More studies should be encouraged in this field.
Multi-omic profiling to assess the effect of iron starvation in Streptococcus pneumoniae TIGR4
Luciana Leite –– Multi-omics is a technique that can be applied to several fields.
Applying fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) to treat recurrent Clostridium difficile infections (rCDI) in children
Siouxsie Wiles –– There is huge interest in faecal transplants for treating C. dif infections and this is a good study exploring its use in children.
Exosomes in cancer: small vesicular transporters for cancer progression and metastasis, biomarkers in cancer therapeutics
J. Thomas Sanderson –– Good, solid and timely review of the entitled topic.
Effects of preservation method on canine (Canis lupus familiaris) fecal microbiota
Hauke Smidt –– Appropriate sample storage methods are crucial for the quality of derived data, and thus, this study is relevant for various fields.

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Transcriptome sequencing of P. akamusi https://t.co/vRpgOR3L3n via @thePeerJ - Propsilocerus akamusi (Tokunaga)ubiquitous chironomid species in Eastern Asia and its morphologically unique larvae areindicator organisms 2 detect water contamination, toxicity, waterborne pathogens

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