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Unbalanced relationships: insights into the interaction between gut microbiota, geohelminths, and schistosomiasis
"This literature review provides a current analysis of parasite-host-microbiota interactions concerning main geohelminths and Schistosoma, a topic of interest that is not yet fully understood."
Erika Braga, Handling Editor
Identifying and characterizing Stagonosporopsis cucurbitacearum causing spot blight on Pinellia ternata in China
"All the knowledge gather on plant pathogens is relevant in a warming world where crops are in danger. This manuscript presents the relevance of the first incidence of S. cucurbitacearum as a plant pathogen, providing more tools to counteract the global treat that plant pathogens are."
Bernardo Franco, Handling Editor
Faecal DNA metabarcoding reveals novel bacterial community patterns of critically endangered Southern River Terrapin, Batagur affinis
"All research conducted to understand the microbiome of wild species is crucial for adding up to our understanding of the human microbiome. Also, the presented data is essential for assessing the health status of wild species and can be used for conservation strategies."
Bernardo Franco, Handling Editor
Benchmarking metagenomics classifiers on ancient viral DNA: a simulation study
"Cárdenas and colleagues perform a comprehensive analysis of different programs for taxonomic classification of sequencing reads for ancient viral DNA, developing optimal metagenomics classifiers that are much needed for these difficult to analyze data."
Joseph Gillespie, Handling Editor
Freeze-drying can replace cold-chains for transport and storage of fecal microbiome samples
"A focused and insightful study on fecal sample handling that can be of use to many scientists."
Konstantinos Kormas, Handling Editor
Comparison of the composition and function of gut microbes between adult and juvenile Cipangopaludina chinensis in the rice snail system
"Hope this work will contribute to the knowledge enhancement of the gut microbiome study of non-human animals in a particular ecosystem."
Mohammad Shamsur Rahman, Handling Editor
Hurricane María drives increased indoor proliferation of filamentous fungi in San Juan, Puerto Rico: a two-year culture-based approach
"Mold damage of flooded homes is a major economic and public health concern but few studies have quantified the increase in fungal spores expected in homes following flooding events."
Michael LaMontagne, Handling Editor
Response of bacterial community structure to different ecological niches and their functions in Korean pine forests
"I believe that understanding the linkage anding between vegetation and bacterial community is an integral part of ecosystem understanding"
Leonardo Montagnani, Handling Editor
Gut microbiota differences between paired intestinal wall and digesta samples in three small species of fish
"A much-needed contribution for distinguishing between the microbial communities of the gut tissue and digesta/feces."
Konstantinos Kormas, Handling Editor
Antimicrobial peptides properties beyond growth inhibition and bacterial killing
"This review considers aspects of antimicrobial peptides that a broad readership will find interesting and provides information that may help push novel experiments ahead."
Bernardo Franco, Handling Editor

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