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Experience and coping strategies of bowel dysfunction in postoperative patients with rectal cancer: a systematic review of qualitative evidence
"The authors provided a systematic review to integrate the qualitative research on the experience of bowel dysfunction and coping strategies in postoperative patients with rectal cancer."
Bruno Fionda, Handling Editor
Spatial heterogeneity in the exclusive use of hygienic materials during menstruation among women in urban India
"This study aimed to understand the spatial heterogeneity across Indian districts in the use of hygienic menstrual materials among young urban women, using data from the National Family Health Survey-5. The study found that 66.8% of urban women exclusively use hygienic materials, but there was considerable variation across districts. Positive spatial autocorrelation was identified, and cluster and outlier analysis revealed cold-spots in central Indian districts and hotspots in south Indian districts. The study identified women’s years of schooling, marital status, social group, and household wealth as major determinants of exclusive use of hygienic materials. The study's findings suggest that there is a need for targeted and context-specific interventions and programs to improve menstrual hygiene practices among urban women in India. This could include interventions to increase education levels and household wealth, as well as programs that take into account the social and cultural factors that influence menstrual hygiene practices. The study also highlights the importance of understanding spatial heterogeneity when designing and implementing public health interventions. By identifying hotspots and cold-spots in menstrual hygiene practices, interventions can be tailored to the specific needs of different regions and populations. Overall, the study emphasizes the importance of addressing menstrual hygiene as a key aspect of women's health and dignity in India."
Abhijit Pakhare, Handling Editor
Hygiene practices and factors influencing intestinal parasites among food handlers in the province of Belgarn, Saudi Arabia
"This article ma have an impact on the policy as well as the health of hundreds of people in the region and even beyond."
Animesh Jain, Handling Editor
A comparative study on third trimester fetal biometric parameters with maternal age
"In my opinion, the correlation between fetal biometry and the maternal age will provide a basic idea for probable complication of the fetal health and will also help in appropriate steps to save the life of fetuses and the mother."
Mahendra Tomar, Handling Editor
Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii infection in women with a gynecological tumor living in eastern China
"This article is important because it explores the association of toxoplasmosis with different types of gynecological cancers in a critical time period which is the first five years after cancer acquisition."
Aslı Suner, Handling Editor
Pediatrics HIV-positive status disclosure and its predictors in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis
"The manuscript provides an outstanding analysis and valuable predictors about the life quality of children living with HIV."
Héctor Mora-Montes, Handling Editor
Cross-sectional associations between effort-reward imbalance at work and oral diseases in Japan
"This universal principle of effort-reward can be applied in every part of the world and in any working environment. Therefore the principle is widely applicable."
Adam Husein, Handling Editor
Impact of length and width of footwear on foot structure of preschool-aged children
"Relatively large sample size for the study."
Songning Zhang, Handling Editor
The association between sedentary behavior and low back pain in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis of longitudinal studies
"This article is relevant to the scientific and clinical community related to low back pain because it demystifies the cause/effect relationship between sedentary physical behavior and the development of non-specific low back pain. However, it is necessary to deepen the knowledge about this area of research since the conclusions were based on studies of fair quality that used subjective measures of sedentary behavior."
Guillermo Mendez-Rebolledo, Handling Editor
Seroprevalence and lethality by SARS-CoV-2 in indigenous populations of Latin America and the Caribbean: a systematic review
"This article provides a big picture of the impact of COVID-19 on indigenous populations and should be of great interest to the public health community and the public at large."
Martial Ndeffo, Handling Editor


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