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Rapid rise in toxic load for bees revealed by analysis of pesticide use in Great Britain (2018) PeerJ

Graciela Piñeiro –– This is an interesting and very important article and as such I am very glad to know that it was the most shared last month. It clearly demonstrates the high degree of th... Read more

Continent-wide survey reveals massive decline in African savannah elephants
54 citations · 35,675 views · 4,095 downloads
Regenerative agriculture: merging farming and natural resource conservation profitably
4 citations · 28,639 views · 4,113 downloads
Changes in the timing of departure and arrival of Irish migrant waterbirds
4 citations · 29,608 views · 353 downloads
Assessing insect responses to climate change: What are we testing for? Where should we be heading?
56 citations · 21,359 views · 2,264 downloads
Ship noise extends to frequencies used for echolocation by endangered killer whales
24 citations · 12,817 views · 2,607 downloads
Are neonicotinoid insecticides driving declines of widespread butterflies?
21 citations · 11,607 views · 1,503 downloads
Geologic and anthropogenic sources of contamination in settled dust of a historic mining port city in northern Chile: health risk implications
1 citation · 11,677 views · 935 downloads
Gooseneck barnacles (Lepas spp.) ingest microplastic debris in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre
69 citations · 10,262 views · 1,732 downloads
A large-scale field study examining effects of exposure to clothianidin seed-treated canola on honey bee colony health, development, and overwintering success
60 citations · 8,574 views · 2,585 downloads
Eutrophication and the dietary promotion of sea turtle tumors
13 citations · 9,485 views · 1,459 downloads

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Publicación científica del polvo de Antofagasta https://t.co/h0GAMynm8D Por favor compartir! (Imagen del Diario de Antofagasta, 21 de Febrero de 2014 Antofagasta marcha contra el galpón de la muerte) https://t.co/h0GAMynm8D

This one needs to be shared widely, friends. The first empirical comparison of regenerative and conventional food systems in the literature. Learn more about our work at https://t.co/iJt4Tu0BCv https://t.co/WFyI1qiEc5

Our field study on clothianidin seed-treated canola and honeybees was published 3 years ago today! @thePeerJ https://t.co/Vslm4r7Itr

African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) Populations Crash! Article: https://t.co/CJisTzWtuT Journal: https://t.co/JMJdQ1Ou4P

Ship noise extends to frequencies used for echolocation by endangered killer whales TC4032 Hydrophone https://t.co/x4gaAqHELx https://t.co/6pDYZ3133o

@mattwridley @DaveGoulson @essexwindyfarm Also fwater inverts, bird & butterfly declines correlate wth neonics https://t.co/o10CzP2ECs https://t.co/z5h7qPB4mw https://t.co/w2u5pqNwMj

CNN: 'Our living dinosaurs' There are far fewer African elephants than we thought, study shows

The Guardian: "Ships' noise is serious problem for killer whales and dolphins, report finds"

News coverage in The Guardian

Pollution From Hawaii Is Giving Sea Turtles Gross, Deadly Tumors

Interview with the first-named author

An ecosystem of our own making could pose a threat