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Rapid rise in toxic load for bees revealed by analysis of pesticide use in Great Britain (2018) PeerJ

Graciela Piñeiro –– This is an interesting and very important article and as such I am very glad to know that it was the most shared last month. It clearly demonstrates the high degree of th... Read more

Inverse modelling for predicting both water and nitrate movement in a structured-clay soil (Red Ferrosol)
110 views · 21 downloads
Forest floor temperature and greenness link significantly to canopy attributes in South Africa’s fragmented coastal forests
297 views · 37 downloads
Regional fresh snowfall microbiology and chemistry are driven by geography in storm-tracked events, Colorado, USA
391 views · 64 downloads
Recommended nitrogen fertilization enhances soil carbon sequestration in China’s monsoonal temperate zone
305 views · 47 downloads
An index of non-sampling error in area frame sampling based on remote sensing data
273 views · 52 downloads
Porewater salinity in a southeastern United States salt marsh: controls and interannual variation
258 views · 83 downloads
Modelling the dynamics of a large rock landslide in the Dolomites (eastern Italian Alps) using multi-temporal DEMs
387 views · 97 downloads
Evaluation of soil intervention values in mine tailings in northern Chile
288 views · 69 downloads
Association of urban forest landscape characteristics with biomass and soil carbon stocks in Harbin City, Northeastern China
1 citation · 394 views · 74 downloads
Spatial analyses of threats to ecosystem service hotspots in Greater Durban, South Africa
339 views · 73 downloads

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An article I handled as editor has been published today @thePeerJ https://t.co/t393tkcqgo #EcosystemScience #Microbiology #MolecularBiology

Our article published today in @thePeerJ https://t.co/aQSacANCwd - We highlight development threats on #NaturesContributions to human well-being and suggest local governance solutions #EcosystemScience #CoupledNaturalandHumanSystems #EcosystemServices @UKZN @SHEFSGlobal https://t.co/betkvjEtHI