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Rapid rise in toxic load for bees revealed by analysis of pesticide use in Great Britain (2018) PeerJ

Graciela Piñeiro –– This is an interesting and very important article and as such I am very glad to know that it was the most shared last month. It clearly demonstrates the high degree of th... Read more

Gooseneck barnacles (Lepas spp.) ingest microplastic debris in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre
69 citations · 10,455 views · 1,758 downloads
A large-scale field study examining effects of exposure to clothianidin seed-treated canola on honey bee colony health, development, and overwintering success
61 citations · 8,683 views · 2,617 downloads
Continent-wide survey reveals massive decline in African savannah elephants
56 citations · 36,149 views · 4,167 downloads
A metagenomic insight into freshwater methane-utilizing communities and evidence for cooperation between the Methylococcaceae and the Methylophilaceae
58 citations · 4,345 views · 1,295 downloads
Assessing insect responses to climate change: What are we testing for? Where should we be heading?
57 citations · 21,412 views · 2,278 downloads
Oxygen availability is a major factor in determining the composition of microbial communities involved in methane oxidation
38 citations · 2,975 views · 747 downloads
Contrasting effects of ocean acidification on tropical fleshy and calcareous algae
39 citations · 4,060 views · 996 downloads
Integrating structure-from-motion photogrammetry with geospatial software as a novel technique for quantifying 3D ecological characteristics of coral reefs
34 citations · 7,375 views · 2,778 downloads
Honey bee success predicted by landscape composition in Ohio, USA
32 citations · 3,239 views · 1,424 downloads
The unnatural history of Kāne‘ohe Bay: coral reef resilience in the face of centuries of anthropogenic impacts
31 citations · 4,601 views · 868 downloads

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Our field study on clothianidin seed-treated canola and honeybees was published 3 years ago today! @thePeerJ https://t.co/Vslm4r7Itr

African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) Populations Crash! Article: https://t.co/CJisTzWtuT Journal: https://t.co/JMJdQ1Ou4P

Honey bee success predicted by landscape https://t.co/rJ8M5YtoHy via @thePeerJ

Los elefantes africanos al borde de la extinción - In Spanish

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