Environmental Science

Phytogeographic and genetic variation in Sorbus, a traditional antidiabetic medicine—adaptation in action in both a plant and a discipline

Editor rating: 7 / 10

David Day –– Important cross-disciplinary study combining social science and biochemistry to evaluate traditional medicine.
Widespread dieback of riparian trees on a dammed ephemeral river and evidence of local mitigation by tributary flows

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Leon Higley –– It provides valuable information on the interaction of biotic factors in shaping watershed (specifically river flow) structure.
A 12-year record of intertidal barnacle recruitment in Atlantic Canada (2005–2016): relationships with sea surface temperature and phytoplankton abundance

Editor rating: 8 / 10

Karen Osborn –– This article fills a data gap and makes a nice and believable correlation between phytoplankton abundance and barnacle recruitment.
Controlled-release of Bacillus thurigiensis formulations encapsulated in light-resistant colloidosomal microcapsules for the management of lepidopteran pests of Brassica crops

Editor rating: 8 / 10

Dezene Huber –– Important step forward in the use of a pest management tactic.
Reef-scale trends in Florida Acropora spp. abundance and the effects of population enhancement

Editor rating: 7 / 10

James Reimer –– Research examining population enhancement in endangered Acropora spp. in Florida - which may have relevance and meaning for coral reefs across the Caribbean.
Spatial heterogeneity of physicochemical properties explains differences in microbial composition in arid soils from Cuatro Cienegas, Mexico

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Budiman Minasny –– microbial diversity
Stable isotope analysis (δ13C and δ15N) of soil nematodes from four feeding groups

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Budiman Minasny –– A good one
Continent-wide survey reveals massive decline in African savannah elephants

Editor rating: 8 / 10

David Roberts –– The Convention of the Parties of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species will be discussion elephants and therefore this will be extremely important
Aquatic insects dealing with dehydration: do desiccation resistance traits differ in species with contrasting habitat preferences?

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Marta Sánchez –– This study provide new data on desiccation resistance in aquatic beetles, which is important to understand their presence and distribution in aquatic environments; these data can be relevant in the context of climate change due to the expected drought intensification, particularly important in semi-arid regions
Advances in global sensitivity analyses of demographic-based species distribution models to address uncertainties in dynamic landscapes

Editor rating: 9 / 10

Curtis Daehler –– The authors have produced a software package that will allow users to make comprehensive analyses of coupled demographic-GIS (SDM) population viability models. These analyses will help in the development of effective management plans for rare and endangered species.

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