Environmental Science

The coast of giants: an anthropometric survey of high schoolers on the Adriatic coast of Croatia
Andrew Gray –– This is a fascinating study which carefully examines the extreme mean heights, and wide variation in heights, among young men and women on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, and explores the possible reasons behind this.
Enhancement of carbon monoxide concentration in atmosphere due to large scale forest fire of Uttarakhand
Xinfeng Wang –– This study analyzed transport characteristics of carbon monoxide (CO) from richly forested region of Uttarakhand in the spring by integrating available satellite retrieval and Lagrangian dispersion model. The long range transport of CO due to forest fire was observed and led to an enhancement in CO concentration at high altitudes. This work provides strong evidences to the impact of India biomass burning on the air pollution in Southeast Asia with integreted tools, and therefore contributed to the relevant community.
Comparison of shallow-water seston among biogenic habitats on tidal flats
Georg Umgiesser –– This is an interesting contribution to processes on tidal flats, still not too much investigated in the oceanographic field.
Factors that influence response classifications in chemotherapy treated patient-derived xenografts (PDX)
Shawn Gomez –– This study looks at how different study design factors and analysis methods affect reproducibility of treatment response classifications in preclinical patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models, with results providing some guidance on study design and further supporting the feasibility of combining response data across studies under appropriate conditions.
Some methods to improve the utility of conditioned Latin hypercube sampling
Paolo Giordani –– Nice piece of work with improvements of a sampling strategy usually applied in the fields of Earth and environmental sciences
The association between meteorological variables and road traffic injuries: a study from Macao
Yuming Guo –– This paper adds evidence on the associations between meteorological variables and road traffic injuries. It is important finding in the context of climate change.
Potential ecotoxicological effects of antimicrobial surface coatings: a literature survey backed up by analysis of market reports
Monika Mortimer –– The review gives a comprehensive overview of application areas of antimicrobial coatings (AMCs) and potential ecotoxicological hazards associated with the use of such materials. The authors also highlight the existing data gaps in the release of antimicrobial compounds from coatings, which impedes risk-benefit evaluation of AMCs.
Discordant financial conflicts of interest disclosures between clinical trial conference abstract and subsequent publication
Andrew Gray –– With increasing scrutiny of clinical trials, it is imperative that FCOIs be accurately and completely described. The authors here find concerning evidence that this was not the case for their data.
Use of open mobile mapping tool to assess human mobility traceability in rural offline populations with contrasting malaria dynamics
Jason Blackburn –– Understanding human movements is critical for understanding disease movement and to predict possible targeted areas for intervention. This paper works toward mapping rural populations, which represent frequently under surveyed groups and populations difficult to provide appropriate intervention.
Analysis of cause-effect inference by comparing regression errors
Charles Elkan –– This paper provides a very simple method to determine the direction of causation between two correlated variables that do not have a common cause. While the general idea was known before, this paper makes the idea precise, with solid mathematical and experimental justification.
Environmental Science

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