Environmental Science

Seasonal contributions of nutrients from small urban and agricultural watersheds in northern Poland
James Latimer –– The continued elevation of the study of nonpoint sources (diffuse) of pollution, both nutrient and toxic, is important. This article extends such research on the European continent.
Spatial analysis, local people’s perception and economic valuation of wetland ecosystem services in the Usumacinta floodplain, Southern Mexico
Jianhua Xu –– People who are interdisciplinary in environmental economics will be interested in this article.
Assessment of crusting effects on interrill erosion by laser scanning
Marco Cavalli –– In this study changes in microtopography of two soils were monitored through laser scanning. This work suggests a quantitative approach to investigate interrill erosion processes helping to shed light on the crusting effect on soil erosional responses.
Estimation of regional irrigation water requirements and water balance in Xinjiang, China during 1995–2017
Jianhua Xu –– This paper has certain reference significance for water resources utilization in arid areas. I recommend that this article be accepted for publication.
Basic and target eco-environment water requirements of a dry inland river under typical flow frequencies in China
Jianhua Xu –– This article has certain reference significance for ecological hydrology research.
Vegetation dynamic analysis based on multisource remote sensing data in the east margin of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
Tal Svoray –– Advanced use of satellite data for vegetation modeling
Quantitative estimation of wastewater quality parameters by hyperspectral band screening using GC, VIP and SPA
Timothy Scheibe –– The use of hyperspectral methods could decrease cost and increase the throughput of wastewater analysis and thus improve understanding of pollutant loads and their inherent variability.
Multiple ecosystem services from field margin vegetation for ecological sustainability in agriculture: scientific evidence and knowledge gaps
Le Yu –– Provides understandings of ecosystem services from field margin vegetation for ecological sustainability in agriculture。
Seasonal variation in apparent conductivity and soil salinity at two Narragansett Bay, RI salt marshes
Joseph Smoak –– This approach to salinity mapping could greatly contribute to other investigations examining responses to salinity changes.
Accurate spatiotemporal predictions of daily stream temperature from statistical models accounting for interactions between climate and landscape
Douglas Burns –– Stream temperature is an important concern in a warming climate, especially for the viability of cold water aquatic species such as salmon. New approaches such as described here are important to advancing our understanding of the physical controls on stream temperature dynamics.
Environmental Science

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