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Vertical stratification of plant–pollinator interactions in a temperate grassland

#StableIsotope news. Our comprehensive #MixSIAR paper is out @thePeerJ & covers all aspects of mixing models including prior specification, covariates, random effects & more @TheSemmensLab @ericward_ @aparnellstats @Rovingdiver2 big congrats Brian Stock

Plant-insect interactions patterns in three European paleoforests of the late-Neogene—early-Quaternary

Floating nurseries? Scyphozoan jellyfish, their food and their rich symbiotic fauna in a tropical estuary @thePeerJ

Weak population structure in the #ant Formica fusca

Individual-based simulation of the spatial and temporal dynamics of macroinvertebrate functional groups provides insights into benthic community assembly mechanisms @thePeerJ #Biodiversity #Ecology #MarineBiology

Diversity, host-specificity and stability of sponge-associated fungal communities of co-occurring sponges #fungi #microbiome #mycobiome