Bovine tuberculosis breakdown duration in cattle herds: an investigation of herd, host, pathogen and wildlife risk factors
Javier Alvarez-Rodriguez –– Novel approaches to bovine tuberculosis disease dynamics
Rapid digitization to reclaim thematic maps of white-tailed deer density from 1982 and 2003 in the conterminous US
Michael Jenkins –– It makes information in archival maps available in a more quantitative format.
High variability within pet foods prevents the identification of native species in pet cats’ diets using isotopic evaluation
Dezene Huber –– This is something that many pet owners would be interested in.
Temporal and spatial variability of terrestrial diatoms at the catchment scale: controls on communities
Rodolfo Jaffé –– The lack of knowledge of terrestrial diatoms hinders their potential use as environmental markers in various environmental applications. This manuscript studies seasonal patterns and the role of different disturbances on diatom community composition across the Attert River Basin (Luxembourg). The paper nicely illustrates how terrestrial diatoms can be used to identify anthropogenic disturbances.
Bacterial microbiota composition of Ixodes ricinus ticks: the role of environmental variation, tick characteristics and microbial interactions
Konstantinos Kormas –– The shaping factors of another host-microbe association revealed through a detailed study.
Impact of habitat loss on the diversity and structure of ecological networks between oxyurid nematodes and spur-thighed tortoises (Testudo graeca L.)
Yann Clough –– This article helps unveil little known consequences of habitat loss by using ecological networks. The authors show how communities of endosymbionts of an endangered turtle species are affected by decrease in scrubland cover, with potential endosymbiont-mediated consequences for the hosts.
Acquisition of fungi from the environment modifies ambrosia beetle mycobiome during invasion
Dezene Huber –– Interesting idea, with some important ecological implications.
Spatial structure undermines parasite suppression by gene drive cargo
Daniel Lahr –– James Bull and collaborators present a simple, theoretical model demonstrating that spacial structure in vector populations may allow pathogens to evolve resistance against "genetic cargo" approaches. Because the model is theoretical, it can be applied to a variety of systems, and the shortcomings that are pointed out need to be taken into account by people implementing such pathogen supression techniques.
Fundamental niche unfilling and potential invasion risk of the slider turtle Trachemys scripta
Gabriela Parra Olea –– Invasive species have become a problem worldwide. I belive that targetting potential spreads is important for the conservation of endemic species
An integrative approach to discern the seed dispersal role of frugivorous guilds in a Mediterranean semiarid priority habitat
Jasmine Janes –– The manuscript adds to our understanding of seed dispersal, dispersal vectors and trophic interactions.

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Impact of water retention on forest carabid assemblages. @carabids @thePeerJ

We have confirmed that 2 species, not 1, of the Ewallacea fornicatus complex (#Scolytinae) invaded Hawaii. Rugman-Jones et al. 2020. One becomes two: second species of the Euwallacea fornicatus species complex is established on two Hawaiian Islands. PeerJ

Macroinvertebrados acuáticos, ríos de montaña y contaminación. Investigador cátedra Conacyt del INECOL Bajío, colabora en publicación que evalúa el impacto de la actividad humana sobre el recurso hídrico de los Andes. Disponible en :

Entomopathogenic fungi decrease Rhizoctonia disease in potato in field conditions via @thePeerJ

7 days ago
“Seven odonate species were observed at the study sites in the new reach within hours of flow initiation, and species rapidly continued to arrive thereafter.”

And with that, all of my MSc thesis has finally been published! In which I build *a lot* of subsampled datasets to see what happens to your population genomics study if you don't have enough samples:

Ultraviolet-reflective film applied to windows reduces the likelihood of collisions for two species of songbird @thePeerJ

An article I handled as editor has been published today @thePeerJ #AtmosphericChemistry #EnvironmentalContaminationandRemediation #EnvironmentalImpacts #SpatialandGeographicInformationScience

NC State University News: "Cat Food Mystery Foils Diet Study"