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78 days ago
クサガメとミシシッピアカミミガメの腸内細菌叢の比較。後で読もう。 Fecal microbiota in turtles @thePeerJより

On local scouring downstream small water structures @thePeerJ

Artigo publicado na @thePeerJ mostra que o desastre da Samarco no Rio Doce levou a efeitos crônicos à biota local devido a contaminação por metais, apresentando potencial de bioacumulação, e consequentemente, riscos para a saúde humana. @ecotoxicology

How does cooperative fisheries science change angler perceptions regarding MPAs? Turn out, for the better. Note that prolonged participation increases chances of positive opinion change. @OPC_California @CCFRP @Scripps_Ocean @CaliforniaDFW

We investigated a variety of DNA extraction kits and amount of sediment for routine (and standardized) monitoring of aquaculture farms. Cool work and great colleagues @jkpearman45 @AnastasijaZaiko @OlliLaroche and others!

85 days ago
New paper out today by @susheelbusi in @thePeerJ! Great collaboration with @sber_epfl et al. Check out this new biomol. extraction protocol for high-mountain streams! Funding by @snsf_ch. #EcosystemScience #Microbiology #MolecularBiology

My article has been published today in @thePeerJ #Biodiversity #Ecology #Entomology #EvolutionaryStudies #PlantScience

“Haiti has more forest than previously reported...”