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Harmine stimulates proliferation of human neural progenitors
10 citations · 303,609 views · 2,039 downloads
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR): a flow-like mental state
18 citations · 70,836 views · 15,130 downloads
Impaired emotion recognition is linked to alexithymia in heroin addicts
6 citations · 42,943 views · 611 downloads
Happy software developers solve problems better: psychological measurements in empirical software engineering
38 citations · 29,954 views · 2,079 downloads
Validation of the Emotiv EPOC® EEG gaming system for measuring research quality auditory ERPs
109 citations · 27,348 views · 4,352 downloads
Perceptual elements in Penn & Teller’s “Cups and Balls” magic trick
9 citations · 28,585 views · 2,582 downloads
On the reproducibility of science: unique identification of research resources in the biomedical literature
103 citations · 22,269 views · 2,434 downloads
You can’t teach speed: sprinters falsify the deliberate practice model of expertise
9 citations · 22,366 views · 1,674 downloads
A prospective study of the motivational and health dynamics of Internet Gaming Disorder
4 citations · 19,376 views · 1,012 downloads
The relationship between resilience and personality traits in doctors: implications for enhancing well being
39 citations · 14,972 views · 4,805 downloads

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@PALE_Primate You can't teach speed.

@HirstRj er, "Yes" ...Validation of the Emotiv EPOC® EEG gaming system for measuring research quality auditory ERPs

Thrilled our large-scale #Preregistered, #Representative, & #Longitudinal #GamingAddiction Study is out @thePeerJ!

@thosjleeper @joshdeleeuw also see Carp (2012) and Vasilevsky et al. (2013)

It's a fact: Happy software developers solve problems better #happydevs

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Harmine stimulates proliferation of hNPC via @thePeerJ

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#ASMR for #sleep, #relaxation, #mentalhealth, #tingles via @thePeerJ

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