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Our new paper - Goal conflict in chronic pain: day reconstruction method - has been published today in @thePeerJ #AnesthesiologyandPainManagement #PsychiatryandPsychology

Self-report questionnaires, #behavioral assessment tasks, and an implicit #behavior measure: do they predict social anxiety in everyday life? @thePeerJ

Mindfulness and autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) @thePeerJ

Mine & @mbanissy new paper on #misophonia & #ASMR has just been published in @thePeerJ

Latest paper from the PowerLab @UofG_HHNS lead by @csypkes & Ben K

A computer-based avatar task designed to assess #behavioral inhibition extends to #behavioral avoidance but not cognitive avoidance @thePeerJ

Genetic influences on creativity: an exploration of convergent and divergent thinking @thePeerJ

The voluntary control of piloerection

Using experience to improve: how errors shape #behavior and brain activity in monkeys @thePeerJ

20 days ago
Yay, final version now online! "Age differences in head motion and estimates of cortical morphology" in @thePeerJ Using @camcan_tweets data, I replicate a number of key findings as well as test some new relationships.

Creating goosebumps at will may be more interesting than it sounds

MedicalXpress: The curious case of the people who can control their goosebumps