Brain and Cognition

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#2!! Led by Dr Annika Reinersmann, we found that tactile anisotropy is intact in people with complex regional pain syndrome, despite impaired hand perception @thePeerJ #Neuroscience #AnesthesiologyandPainManagement #Neurology #PsychiatryandPsychology

Woohoo! Our paper, led by Kristof Vandael and @meuldersann, has been published in @thePeerJ #Neuroscience #Kinesiology #Orthopedics We assessed movement patterns using the haptic master (robot) to evaluate kinesthetic proprioceptive function.

#COVIDー19 changed the way we look at human faces. Discover how in our latest research paper published by @thePeerJ at #neuroscience #psychology #research

Word nerds take note: An article I handled as editor has been published today @thePeerJ. It's a great one! "The role of orthographic neighbourhood effects in lateralized lexical decision: a replication study and meta-analysis"

Intergenerational exercise is beneficial for children and residential seniors.