Brain and Cognition

The timing mega-study: comparing a range of experiment generators, both lab-based and online
Bob Patton –– A timely paper, of particular relevance in a post corona virus world
Reliability and validity of an equanimity questionnaire: the two-factor equanimity scale (EQUA-S)
Gregory Gilbert –– The article makes a novel contribution to the literature.
Lateralized alpha oscillations are irrelevant for the behavioral retro-cueing benefit in visual working memory
Bob Patton –– A useful paper that clearly takes the field a little further forward.
Validation of a general subjective well-being factor using Classical Test Theory
Marco Tullio Liuzza –– The article nicely integrates theoretical advancements and an advanced psychometric approach to the study of subjective well-being.
Association of sleep among 30 antidepressants: a population-wide adverse drug reaction study, 2004–2019
Paul Tulkens –– A interesting study looking at drugs causing somnolence and ranking them for reporting odds of somnolence.It will definitely help the clinicians and show how other drugs could be examined and ranked. Thus, this becomes a normative study that can inspire other researchers.
Let’s talk about pain catastrophizing measures: an item content analysis
Bob Patton –– This is a valuable addition to the broader body of knowledge on pain catastrophizing
Teenage sleep and technology engagement across the week
Bob Patton –– An interesting and timely report on engagement with technology that will be of interest to a wide audience.
Relationship between the Dark Triad and depressive symptoms
Stephen Macknik –– The reviewers feel this paper will be highly impactful.
Risk-taking behavior, the second-to-fourth digit ratio and psychological features in a sample of cavers
Laura Guidetti –– This study reports new and interesting information on personological traits of speleologists that can also be useful to understand risk-taking behaviors on other groups.
Unfold: an integrated toolbox for overlap correction, non-linear modeling, and regression-based EEG analysis
Stephen Macknik –– the reviewers are highly enthusiastic about this approach
Brain and Cognition

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