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My article has been published today in @thePeerJ #Anthropology #Biodiversity #ConservationBiology #Ecology #FoodScienceandTechnology

Psychometric properties of the Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire-8 in two Spanish nonclinical samples @thePeerJ

New paper published online today with @FabioSarto3 @GioCo_vr. Endurance athletes perform better in dynamic and static balance control in dual-task conditions with respect to team players. New insights on cognitive-motor task interference in athletes!

Effect of shooting experience on executive function: differences between experts and novices @thePeerJ

Integrated jerk as an indicator of affinity for artificial agent kinematics: laptop and virtual reality experiments involving index finger motion during two-digit grasping @thePeerJ

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My article has been published today in @thePeerJ #CognitiveDisorders #Pediatrics #PsychiatryandPsychology #Statistics

Intergenerational implications of alcohol intake: metabolic disorders in alcohol-naïve rat offspring @thePeerJ

Resilience is inversely associated with self-harm behaviors among Chinese adolescents with childhood maltreatment @thePeerJ

Reduced organizational skills in adults with ADHD are due to deficits in persistence, not in strategies @thePeerJ