Brain and Cognition

Safe exposure distances for transcranial magnetic stimulation based on computer simulations
Joao Rocha –– In this theoretical paper, the authors have calculated the safe occupational distance for transcranial magnetic stimulation. Of importance, they have indcated the use of a more conservative distance (0.96-1.46 m) instead of 0.7 m found in the literature.
Why is nonword reading so variable in adult skilled readers?
Stephen Macknik –– The reviewers and editors all agree that this is high impact.
Potentially inappropriate use of benzodiazepines and z-drugs in the older population—analysis of associations between long-term use and patient-related factors
Paul Tulkens –– I give a nice overview of what is a well known but often unmet medical and societal problem. It may contribute to come closer to improving the situation in the future.
Post-traumatic stress symptoms are associated with better performance on a delayed match-to-position task
Stephen Macknik –– This study reveals a potential novel mechanistic pathway in ptsd, a major health concern
Relationships between parents’ academic backgrounds and incomes and building students’ healthy eating habits
David Meyre –– Timely and relevant study.
Improving physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep in COPD: perspectives of people with COPD and experts via a Delphi approach
Linda Ehrlich-Jones –– New approach with Delphi technique.
Effects of mental health interventions for students in higher education are sustainable over time: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Stephen Macknik –– Looks really relevant to all fields of science and STEM.
Selective attention on representations in working memory: cognitive and neural mechanisms
Stephen Macknik –– I believe this paper will be widely read
Effect of fatigue and gender on kinematics and ground reaction forces variables in recreational runners
Felipe Carpes –– The article discuss an important topic that is the gender effects on running kinematics. Most of paper published results of a single gender group, and generalisation cannot be done if we do not know the differences or similarities between genders.
Influence of allelic variations in relation to norepinephrine and mineralocorticoid receptors on psychopathic traits: a pilot study
Jafri Abdullah –– Receptor studies are the blue ocean for future drugs that will cure brain,mind and neurological diseases
Brain and Cognition

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