Brain and Cognition

Comparison of the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) and the Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS) for predicting admission and in-hospital mortality in elderly patients in the pre-hospital setting and in the emergency department
Antonio Palazón-Bru –– A relevant clinical question (scoring systems for elderly in Emergency departments) assessed with a great methodology.
Impact of emotional and motivational regulation on putting performance: a frontal alpha asymmetry study
Maurizio Bertollo –– I think that the paper will improve the understanding of the Impact of emotional and motivational regulation on putting performance improving the psychophysiological features underpinning golf performance
The coast of giants: an anthropometric survey of high schoolers on the Adriatic coast of Croatia
Andrew Gray –– This is a fascinating study which carefully examines the extreme mean heights, and wide variation in heights, among young men and women on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, and explores the possible reasons behind this.
Translating the hemodynamic response: why focused interdisciplinary integration should matter for the future of functional neuroimaging
Jafri Abdullah –– Cooperation and Collaboration is important in data analytics involving Functional Neuroimaging
Pain neuroscience education on YouTube
Jafri Abdullah –– In the 21st century modalities like the You tube must be impactful to dessiminate knowledge about pain effectively
Modulating pain thresholds through classical conditioning
C. Robert Cloninger –– Pain is a common and serious medical problem, made more important by the current opioid crissis. This is a thorough study of basic conditioning mechanisms that adds to our understanding of the role of external painful stimuli.
An assessment for health education and health promotion in chronic disease demonstration districts: a comparative study from Hunan Province, China
Gregory Gilbert –– This study was designed to establish a framework of indicators for outcome evaluation of health education and promotion efforts in Chinese districts, and explore the factors involved to promote the effort. It concluded chronic disease demonstration districts performed better on the work of health education and health promotion than the non-demonstration districts.
Recruitment of cognitive control regions during effortful self-control is associated with altered brain activity in control and reward systems in dieters during subsequent exposure to food commercials
Joao Rocha –– The study of Lopez and collaborators demonstrated that some female dieters are more susceptible to the effects of effortful self-control than others. These dieters subsequently fail to recruit brain regions associated with inhibitory control, which may determine their impaired ability to resist subsequent food temptations.
Enhancing fitness, enjoyment, and physical self-efficacy in primary school children: a DEDIPAC naturalistic study
Laura Guidetti –– The article highlights role of the school in promoting PA and sport for youth, therefore the school can be an ideal setting to promote PA and prevent children’s overweight prevalence.
The association between meteorological variables and road traffic injuries: a study from Macao
Yuming Guo –– This paper adds evidence on the associations between meteorological variables and road traffic injuries. It is important finding in the context of climate change.
Brain and Cognition

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