Brain and Cognition

Effect of birdsongs and traffic noise on pedestrian walking speed during different seasons
Luca Tommasi –– The article is a nice empirical addition to the field of cross-modal interactions in the specific field of environmental psychology, in which the congruency between auditory and visual scenery were manipulated, and the dependent variable, speed of walking, acted as a behavioural proxy to measure the match/mismatch between the environmental sensory inputs. The results can be useful for all of those interested in the psychology and behavioural science of environmental and urban experience, in the professionals interested in psychological modulations of sport, exercise and fitness issues, especially as related to the environmental factor.
The association of depression with lower urinary tract symptoms: data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2005–2008
Ferdinand Frauscher –– Lower urinary tract symptoms are very common. and its well know that this may cause psychological problems. Therefore improving these problems is very important!!
Endogenous testosterone correlates with parochial altruism in relation to costly punishment in different social settings
Stephen Macknik –– A new link between hormone levels and decision-making is an important find
Prevalence of near-death experiences in people with and without REM sleep intrusion
Stephen Macknik –– Near-death experiences evoke strong implications in society. This work may help to ground the experience in natural events.
Paranoia and conspiracy: group cohesion increases harmful intent attribution in the Trust Game
Stephen Macknik –– Principled and quantified studies of behavior in paranoics are rare and important.
Increasing perceived hand size improves motor performance in individuals with stroke: a home-based training study
Stephen Macknik –– This method has potentially far reaching impact in rehabilitation
Different neurocognitive patterns of conflict control in Tibetans living above and below 4,000 m
Stephen Macknik –– Really interesting study on the effects at living at high altitudes
A functional magnetic resonance imaging investigation of the autonomous sensory meridian response
Stephen Macknik –– ASMR is a hot topic
Development and evaluation of the Parenting to Reduce Child Anxiety and Depression Scale (PaRCADS): assessment of parental concordance with guidelines for the prevention of child anxiety and depression
Stephen Macknik –– A new tool to assess child anxiety is critically important.
We need to talk about reliability: making better use of test-retest studies for study design and interpretation
Andrew Gray –– The author explains the importance of estimating sources of variation, including measurement error, when designing studies, and even more importantly, provides practical guidance and software support to enable researchers, from a much wider range of disciplines than just PET studies, to use the information presented here.
Brain and Cognition

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