Brain and Cognition

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How “dirty” is the Dark Triad? Dark character profiles, swearing, and sociosexuality @thePeerJ

Auditory processing in the zebra finch midbrain: single unit responses and effect of rearing experience @thePeerJ

A cross-sectional assessment of the relationship between sedative medication and anticholinergic medication use and the movement #behavior of older adults living in residential aged care @thePeerJ

A new systematic review out today on "The rule-based insensitivity effect" in @thePeerJ #PsychiatryandPsychology together with Ama Kissi, Colin Hart, Jan De Houwer, and Geert Crombez.

School health assessment tools: a systematic review of measurement in primary schools [PeerJ]

Just published a paper on incorporating magic tricks into educational videos, with @DrHoustoun & @KPUNews @thePeerJ

An article I handled as editor "Salivary proteome of a Neotropical primate: potential roles in host defense and oral food perception" was just published: #Anthropology #primatology #primates #proteomics

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Our Timing Mega-study is now available at PeerJ If you care about timing precision in your studies then please read carefully! If you know someone that cares about timing in their studies then please share

The switch from one substance-of-abuse to another: illicit drug substitution behaviors in a sample of high-risk drug users @thePeerJ

Canine SOD1 harboring E40K or T18S mutations promotes protein aggregation without reducing the global structural stability @thePeerJ