Bioinformatics and Genomics

Severity of chronic Lyme disease compared to other chronic conditions: a quality of life survey
34 citations · 31,382 views · 6,885 downloads
PhyloSift: phylogenetic analysis of genomes and metagenomes
357 citations · 31,037 views · 5,340 downloads
Happy software developers solve problems better: psychological measurements in empirical software engineering
55 citations · 33,347 views · 2,613 downloads
The invasive New Guinea flatworm Platydemus manokwari in France, the first record for Europe: time for action is now
24 citations · 33,535 views · 1,834 downloads
MetaBAT, an efficient tool for accurately reconstructing single genomes from complex microbial communities
603 citations · 28,232 views · 4,747 downloads
Key bacterial families (Clostridiaceae, Erysipelotrichaceae and Bacteroidaceae) are related to the digestion of protein and energy in dogs
32 citations · 30,542 views · 1,446 downloads
Significant changes in the skin microbiome mediated by the sport of roller derby
57 citations · 29,010 views · 2,852 downloads
The earth is flat (p > 0.05): significance thresholds and the crisis of unreplicable research
65 citations · 27,344 views · 4,010 downloads
Changes in the timing of departure and arrival of Irish migrant waterbirds
4 citations · 30,019 views · 496 downloads
Poppr: an R package for genetic analysis of populations with clonal, partially clonal, and/or sexual reproduction
751 citations · 26,141 views · 4,251 downloads
Bioinformatics and Genomics

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A population genetic R-evolution


Metia: Happy Developers: The Secret to Better Software?

eldiario: Los desarrolladores más felices resuelven antes los problemas (si no, que se lo pregunten a Google o Facebook) Tudományosan igazolták, hogy jobb programozó a boldog programozó

Happy Software Developers Solve Problems Better

Lavoro meglio “because I'm happy”

Donner un nouveau souffle aux sciences participatives

Un envahisseur pas piqué des vers

Zut alors! What is this flatworm in my escargot?