Bioinformatics and Genomics

How has our knowledge of dinosaur diversity through geologic time changed through research history?
8 citations · 11,044 views · 2,376 downloads
A surge of p-values between 0.041 and 0.049 in recent decades (but negative results are increasing rapidly too)
26 citations · 10,558 views · 2,856 downloads
The distribution and numbers of cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) in southern Africa
8 citations · 11,326 views · 1,949 downloads
Students distracted by electronic devices perform at the same level as those who are focused on the lecture
4 citations · 11,705 views · 1,533 downloads
Evidence that ebolaviruses and cuevaviruses have been diverging from marburgviruses since the Miocene
21 citations · 11,791 views · 1,429 downloads
Pre-trained convolutional neural networks as feature extractors toward improved malaria parasite detection in thin blood smear images
48 citations · 11,512 views · 1,659 downloads
A study of institutional spending on open access publication fees in Germany
17 citations · 11,434 views · 1,734 downloads
Linking pangenomes and metagenomes: the Prochlorococcus metapangenome
66 citations · 10,991 views · 2,028 downloads
Eutrophication and the dietary promotion of sea turtle tumors
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The earliest known titanosauriform sauropod dinosaur and the evolution of Brachiosauridae
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Bioinformatics and Genomics

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Non-linear responses of net ecosystem productivity to gradient warming in a paddy field in Northeast China #climatechange

Stoked that our article about BFDV detection in nest boxes has been published today in @thePeerJ! BFDV is a virus that threatens parrots world-wide. #Conservation #Ecology #Virology #Zoology #Parrots #BFDV #PBFD

Consumer perceptions and reported wild and domestic meat and fish consumption #behavior during the Ebola epidemic in Guinea, West Africa @thePeerJ

New paper! In collaboration with @UofUBiology @hawkwatchint @kocuniversity we studied microbial community changes over the "life-cycle" of carrion decomposition, and relative to vertebrate scavenger foraging intensity in the #GreatBasinDesert of #Utah.

DiscoSnp-RAD, the de novo variant discovery tool addapted for RAD data is published in peerj and available here With @GenscaleTeam @tomaszsuchan @nadiralvarez and Nils Arigo.

BGR: "New dinosaurs are being discovered in record numbers, and it’s changing everything we thought we knew"

Scientists Fight to List Cheetahs as Endangered

Researchers find earliest relative of Brachiosaurus dinosaur

Scientists Rein In Fears of Ebola, a Virus Whose Mysteries Tend to Invite Speculation

Pollution From Hawaii Is Giving Sea Turtles Gross, Deadly Tumors