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Toward insights on determining factors for high activity in antimicrobial peptides via machine learning
Robert Winkler –– Peptides are part of the natural defense of humans against pathogenic microbes and relatively easy to synthesize chemically in a huge diversity. The presented computational strategy facilitates the rational design of antimicrobial drugs.
The complete mitochondrial genome of stag beetle Lucanus cervus (Coleoptera: Lucanidae) and phylogenetic analysis
Jia-Yong Zhang –– This study reported the mitochondrial genome of the stag beetle Lucanus cervus.
Levels of toothache-related interests of Google and YouTube users from developed and developing countries over time
Abhiram Maddi –– This may be one of the first articles related to tooth ache and search habits of users of Google and YouTube. The methods used in the study are unique and may be universally applied for gathering data related to user habits for educational study. This would be very helpful in understanding behaviors of patients with specific oral disorders by dentists, policy makers and marketing firms.
Validity of the iLOAD® app for resistance training monitoring
Scotty Butcher –– This new app solves a problem with current apps in the resistance monitoring literature by allowing real-time velocity feedback. The authors have shown excellent validity compared with direct velocity measures.
Molecular mechanisms linking peri-implantitis and type 2 diabetes mellitus revealed by transcriptomic analysis
Cheng-Chia Yu –– IL-6, NFKB1, and PIK3CG expression along with the IL-17 signaling pathway as top candidate molecular linkage mechanisms between periimplantitis and type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Diagnostic performance of clinical properties and conventional magnetic resonance imaging for determining the IDH1 mutation status in glioblastoma: a retrospective study
Cheng-Chia Yu –– The combined use of patient age and tumor volume can enhance the diagnostic specificity of glioblastoma.
Identification of microRNA signatures in umbilical cord blood associated with maternal characteristics
Cheng-Chia Yu –– UCB miRNAs should be studied also as biomarkers for screening and diagnosis of 213 pregnancy-associated complications and pathologies.
Salivary LDOC1 is a gender-difference biomarker of oral squamous cell carcinoma
Cheng-Chia Yu –– Salivary LDOC1 is a gender-difference biomarker of oral cancer patients
RIP-MD: a tool to study residue interaction networks in protein molecular dynamics
Elena Papaleo –– Network theory applied to protein structural ensembles is a powerful paradigm to understand structure-function relationship. This work offers a new solid plugin to explore structures from simulations with graph analysis.
Application of EST-SSR markers developed from the transcriptome of Torreya grandis (Taxaceae), a threatened nut-yielding conifer tree
Pankaj Jaiswal –– This article on Torreya grandis (Taxaceae) an ancient conifer species that is endemic to southeast China provides an important insight into the population structure and distribution of the species. It also generated the genomic resources necessary to move forward the research on Torreya grandis.
Bioinformatics and Genomics

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