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Intensive aural surveys of the endangered Suweon Treefrog in S Korea suggest that human encroachment is having a signification impact of population size @amarzee #frogs #conservation

Dramatic decline and limited recovery of a green crab (Carcinus maenas) population in the Minas Basin, Canada after the summer of 2013 @thePeerJ

See our study in on how Urban waste (mis)management explains the distribution of avian scavengers in the Amazon’s largest city, by my PhD student Rafael Guerta, who tragically and very sadly passed away earlier this year. @UrbanEcosystems @ueaceec @ueaenv

Genetic variability of Akhal-Teke horses bred in Italy @thePeerJ

Our new paper is out today in @thePeerJ! Exotic species in Argentina's National Parks. #ecology Available at

47 days ago
A new Leptobrachium from Thailand via @thePeerJ

New paper out today in @thePeerJ! First one from my PhD! We look at phylogenetics of adenoviruses in dif brown anole pops, and find surprising amt of diversity. Check it out! @AnthonyGeneva @martijnvdschoot

Body size information in large-scale acoustic bat databases @thePeerJ

Our paper on comparative transciptomics in Zingiberales is out! @SpechtLab @thePeerJ #Biodiversity #PlantScience #zingiberales #teamzingiber #flowerevodevo