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Finally out in @PeerJLife our paper, born from an exciting interdisciplinary collaboration between zoologists and botanists. https://t.co/w18OitJwH4 #biodiversity #Biogeography #ConservationBiology https://t.co/WvB1necRoZ

An article I handled as editor has been published today [Thanks to the Reviewers who helped!] @PeerJLife https://t.co/mE5uvy6ruy #Biodiversity #ConservationBiology #Ecology #Zoology #NaturalResourceManagement Trends and biases in African large carnivore population assessments....

Super excited about our new paper on #herbicide impact on #seagrass in #SouthAfrica. Even low doses of #glyphosate affect seagrass fitness. With @ShallowWaterRes & funded by @NRF_News @thePeerJ thank you waiving OA fees https://t.co/z0ZfRRsJIL

Automated mapping of Portulacaria afra canopies for restoration monitoring with convolutional neural networks and heterogeneous unmanned aerial vehicle imagery Read the full article https://t.co/cwoOHKcdG1 #ConservationBiology #Ecology #PlantSci @TejaKattenborn

Very proud of being part of this fantastic team (@animaltracking @RolandKays Arielle Parson and Jan Dodel). See our new paper published today @PeerJLife !! https://t.co/fpSAJHsvGF Intensive hunting changes human-wildlife relationships https://t.co/8dG2HNqL4y

Proud to announce that our (@TomVierus) article "First photographic evidence of oceanic manta rays (Mobula birostris) at two locations in the Fiji islands" has been published in @PeerJLife. Take a read here: https://t.co/0iP57N7Q8G and view the visual abstract below. https://t.co/ZoIatDSTE0

Our article has been finally published in @PeerJLife https://t.co/lXfHdXyaEe #Biodiversity #PlantScience #Taxonomy #Inga #Amazon Wonderful collaboration with @MaraJosEndara1 @dforrister @RenatoValen1 and Consuelo Hernandez (not in twitter)

A bit delayed, but happy a small little paper that was published this week on the predictability and transferability of local biodiversity environment relationships, combining local biodiversity surveys from across the world and remote sensing data https://t.co/WAfNBnRsML (1|4)

Hi people. I'm happy to share that my recent paper with @kenstoyama & @Luke_Mahler entitled 'A simple hierarchical model for heterogeneity in the evolutionary correlation on a phylogenetic tree' has now been published in @PeerJLife.

our #cheilostome work with Bjørn Kopperud & Scott Lidgard in @PeerJLife https://t.co/LI5pprRQzA #Biogeography #DataMiningandMachineLearning where we compared text-mined and @OBISNetwork and @GBIF data for a little studied but ubiquitous marine invert group @ERC_Research funded

Cheetahs could soon be EXTINCT: Fears are growing the majestic cats – and other large carnivores in the African Savannah – are disappearing due to persecution by humans and habitat loss, study reveals

Assessments of large African carnivores urgently needed

Trends And Biases In African Large Carnivore Population Assessments: Identifying Priorities And Opportunities

Trends and biases in African large carnivore population assessments