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VSEARCH: a versatile open source tool for metagenomics
392 citations · 12,159 views · 2,116 downloads
Swarm: robust and fast clustering method for amplicon-based studies
171 citations · 13,076 views · 1,864 downloads
Real-time bioacoustics monitoring and automated species identification
95 citations · 17,698 views · 3,375 downloads
Swarm v2: highly-scalable and high-resolution amplicon clustering
72 citations · 3,907 views · 721 downloads
Sequencing 16S rRNA gene fragments using the PacBio SMRT DNA sequencing system
55 citations · 9,672 views · 1,855 downloads
Continent-wide survey reveals massive decline in African savannah elephants
52 citations · 34,936 views · 3,973 downloads
Assessing insect responses to climate change: What are we testing for? Where should we be heading?
55 citations · 21,264 views · 2,256 downloads
Non-pneumococcal mitis-group streptococci confound detection of pneumococcal capsular serotype-specific loci in upper respiratory tract
45 citations · 2,402 views · 569 downloads
Composition, taxonomy and functional diversity of the oropharynx microbiome in individuals with schizophrenia and controls
43 citations · 15,536 views · 2,421 downloads
Leopard (Panthera pardus) status, distribution, and the research efforts across its range
40 citations · 22,512 views · 4,155 downloads

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A new tool for OTU table construction, that we are studying for future use: Swarm v2: scalable amplicon clustering via @thePeerJ

168 days ago
At last! VSEARCH is here via @thePeerJ

My article 'Real-time bioacoustics monitoring and automated species identification' published in PeerJ has 15,311 views and 66 citations! I love #OpenAccess @thePeerJ

African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) Populations Crash! Article: Journal:

@realDonaldTrump What's really going down is the amount of leopard habitat. 63%-75% lost so far, and counting #scijack

CNN: 'Our living dinosaurs' There are far fewer African elephants than we thought, study shows

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