Biodiversity and Conservation

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Ancient genetic divergence in bumblebee catfish of the genus Pseudopimelodus (Pseudopimelodidae: Siluriformes) from northwestern South America
Tomas Hrbek –– Excellent contribution to our knowledge of aquatic biodiversity of Colombia. Also a clear example of the importance of considering evolutionary lineages in conservation and management policies irrespective whether they have or not been formally described as species.
A low caffeine dose improves maximal strength, but not relative muscular endurance in either heavier-or lighter-loads, or perceptions of effort or discomfort at task failure in females
Amador García-Ramos –– This article is important because it examined the effects of caffeine on a number of variables in a sample of women which is more rarely examined in the scientific literature.
Molecular clocks, biogeography and species diversity in Herichthys with evaluation of the role of Punta del Morro as a vicariant brake along the Mexican Transition Zone in the context of local and global time frame of cichlid diversification
Tomas Hrbek –– A very thorough and well carried out biogeographic analysis of Middle American cichlids that challenges a standing biogeographical paradigm.
A new species of Cenopalpus Pritchard & Baker (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) from Japan, with ontogeny of chaetotaxy and a key to the world species
Patricia Gandini –– A New species description
Transcriptome for the breast muscle of Jinghai yellow chicken at early growth stages
Mohammed Gagaoua –– The first study that investigated the transcriptome for the breast muscle of Jinghai yellow chicken at early growth stages
The impact of leopards (Panthera pardus) on livestock losses and human injuries in a human-use landscape in Maharashtra, India
José Maria Cardoso da Silva –– An excellent paper that documents the complex relationships between people, carnivores, and livestock.
The systematics of the Cervidae: a total evidence approach
Jason Bond –– This is a very substantive manuscript that integrates fossils and molecular data using cutting edge phylogenetic approaches.
Patterns of biodiversity response along a gradient of forest use in Eastern Amazonia, Brazil
Le Yu –– This study indicates that increased forest use intensity is likely to cause negative effects on the biodiversity in Eastern Amazon.
Cavity treatment in primary molars and malocclusion: quasi-randomised clinical trial
Abhiram Maddi –– This article is important for dentists.
Obama chez moi! The invasion of metropolitan France by the land planarian Obama nungara (Platyhelminthes, Geoplanidae)
Tatiana Tatarinova –– An interesting approach to science resulting in novel discoveries.
Biodiversity and Conservation

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Proliferating activity in a bryozoan lophophore @thePeerJ

Our new paper on ball moss for biomonitoring CO (and CO2) pollution in the Valley of Mexico, just got published in @thePeerJ! "Isotopic biomonitoring of anthropic carbon emissions in a megalopolis"

Describen tres nuevas especies de tuco-tuco para la Patagonia. Una de ellas está exclusivamente en Península Valdés vía @thePeerJ

An article I handled as editor has been published today @thePeerJ #Ecology #EcosystemScience #MarineBiology #ClimateChangeBiology #SpatialandGeographicInformationScience

Otra importante contribución al conocimiento de la ictiofauna neotropical publicado hoy en @thePeerJ: Evolución tectónica de la Cordillera de los Andes y su efecto en la diversificación del género Pseudopimelodus: @ #Biogeography #FreshwaterBiology

MercoPress: "Argentine flatworm and predator Obama nungara, has become a plague of French gardens"