Biodiversity and Conservation

Analysis of genetic population structure and diversity in Mallotus oblongifolius using ISSR and SRAP markers
Jürg Bähler –– This genomic analysis of a Chinese shrub of medical interest provides also unique insights into the evolution and ecology of this species.
Expanding global commodities trade and consumption place the world’s primates at risk of extinction
José Maria Cardoso da Silva –– It is an important paper that documents how commodities production and trade can influence biodiversity negatively.
Returning a lost process by reintroducing a locally extinct digging marsupial
Leonardo Montagnani –– Studies of interactions between plants and geochemistry are common. Not so the study about animal interactions, and this specific marsupial can be an interesting source curiosity for many readers
Phylogeography of Dictyota fasciola and Dictyota mediterranea (Dictyotales, Phaeophyceae): unexpected patterns on the Atlantic-Mediterranean marine transition and taxonomic implications
Joseph Gillespie –– Provides novel information on seaweed systematics.
Gene drives as a new quality in GMO releases—a comparative technology characterization
Axel Tiessen –– The biosafety concerns of the public have focused more on plants than on transgenic animals or inclusive transgenic bacteria. Maybe because plants provide our basic food needs, and our food is sacred for many cultures. The authors explain how gene drives may behave as invasive selfish genes. Therefore the precautionary principle may still apply for transgenic organisms before releasing them into the wild. Research on risk assessment strategies is valuable for worldwide prevention. This may constitute a paradigm shift in the handling of GMOs.
Phylogenomic analysis and revised classification of atypoid mygalomorph spiders (Araneae, Mygalomorphae), with notes on arachnid ultraconserved element loci
Joseph Gillespie –– New insight into early spider evolution and the origin of web architectures
Management factors affecting physical health and welfare of tourist camp elephants in Thailand
Patricia Gandini –– This is a Key paper about elephants management in Tailandia
Likes, comments, and shares of marine organism imagery on Facebook
Patricia Gandini –– The study face online science communication using a widely-used but understudied social media tool. Anyone interested in science communication in any discipline of science will be interested in reading this paper.
Habitat suitability and connectivity inform a co-management policy of protected area network for Asian elephants in China
James Roper –– For those interested in large mammal conservation and interactions with people, this article has some very valid observations, analyses and conclusions. While it concentrates on Asian Elephants, the concepts can easily be applied to African Elephants, giraffes, water buffalo or any other large, potentially dangerous animals.
Decoupling species richness variation and spatial turnover in beta diversity across a fragmented landscape
Patricia Gandini –– The paper address linkages between components of biodiversity across scales in fragmented landscapes, and have practical conservation implications.
Biodiversity and Conservation

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