Biodiversity and Conservation

The impact of leopards (Panthera pardus) on livestock losses and human injuries in a human-use landscape in Maharashtra, India
José Maria Cardoso da Silva –– An excellent paper that documents the complex relationships between people, carnivores, and livestock.
Dental characters used in phylogenetic analyses of mammals show higher rates of evolution, but not reduced independence
Mark Young –– This is an interesting paper looking into whether specific 'types' of morphological characters are more reliable than others, in particular dental characters used in mammalian systematics. This kind of question is of interest across fields using morphology-based phylogenetic analyses.
Patterns of change in α and β taxonomic and phylogenetic diversity in the secondary succession of semi-natural grasslands in the Northern Apennines
Cajo ter Braak –– This is one of the first vegetation studies that examine succession from the both species composition and phylogenetic point of view, particular using species-based and Unifrac distance ordinations.
The systematics of the Cervidae: a total evidence approach
Jason Bond –– This is a very substantive manuscript that integrates fossils and molecular data using cutting edge phylogenetic approaches.
Modelling the prognostic effect of glucose and lipid profiles on stroke recurrence in Malaysia: an event-history analysis
Gregory Gilbert –– The article is important because it fills a knowledge gap.
Get a grip—evolution of claw shape in relation to microhabitat use in intertidal arthropods (Acari, Oribatida)
Patricia Gandini –– This paper provide a detailed study on arthropods claws
Patterns of biodiversity response along a gradient of forest use in Eastern Amazonia, Brazil
Le Yu –– This study indicates that increased forest use intensity is likely to cause negative effects on the biodiversity in Eastern Amazon.
The role of rarity as a surrogate of marine fish species representation
Mark Costello –– The paper provides shows how to use rare species as the primary way to select protected areas which justified both practically and theoretically.
Cavity treatment in primary molars and malocclusion: quasi-randomised clinical trial
Abhiram Maddi –– This article is important for dentists.
Obama chez moi! The invasion of metropolitan France by the land planarian Obama nungara (Platyhelminthes, Geoplanidae)
Tatiana Tatarinova –– An interesting approach to science resulting in novel discoveries.
Biodiversity and Conservation

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