Biodiversity and Conservation

The 2020 elephant die-off in Botswana
David Roberts –– The recent elephant die-off in Botswana has received considerable interest from the media and conservation scientists how the reason for this die-off has remained unresolved. Through an understanding of the ecology of the region, the authors provide a credible argument for disease being the likely cause.
A new species of Munida Leach, 1820 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura: Munididae) from seamounts of the Nazca-Desventuradas Marine Park
Wagner Magalhães –– The article described a new species of squat lobster from seamounts using morphological and DNA data. The results are relevant for crustacean taxonomy, seamount ecology and marine biogeographical studies.
Portanini (Insecta: Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) from Peru: checklist with new records and descriptions of two new species
Joseph Gillespie –– Important contribution to the systematics of Neotropical Portanini.
Using high-resolution melting to identify Calliphoridae (blowflies) species from Brazil
Joseph Gillespie –– Valuable diagnostics for Brazilian blowflies
A new genus of oryzomyine rodents (Cricetidae, Sigmodontinae) with three new species from montane cloud forests, western Andean cordillera of Colombia and Ecuador
Patricia Gandini –– A Big contribution for Andes’ biodiversity
A new nurse frog (Anura: Allobates) from Brazilian Amazonia with a remarkably fast multi-noted advertisement call
Nikolay Poyarkov –– This is a brilliant paper describing a beautiful new Nurse frog of the genus Allobates.
On the genus Mesopontonia Bruce, 1967 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palaemonidae) in Korea, with the description of a new species
Korakot Nganvongpanit –– Mesopontonia kimwoni sp. nov. is morphologically allied to M. brevicarpus, but can be distinguished by the cutting edges of the fingers of the first chela being entire. Read this article for more detail in deep.
Multiple factors influence local perceptions of snow leopards and Himalayan wolves in the central Himalayas, Nepal
Mar Sobral –– Because nature perception by humans is critical to nature conservation and understanding.
The phylogenetics of Teleosauroidea (Crocodylomorpha, Thalattosuchia) and implications for their ecology and evolution
Graciela Piñeiro –– This nice paper is an enormous contribution to the study of Teleosauroidea, a poorly known group of ancient crocodylomorphs, encompassing their phylogenetic relationships and the corresponding evolutionary changes and ecological adaptations. It includes a well detailed taxonomic history of the involved taxa and a comprehensive phylogenetic hypothesis that show the interrelation of the constituent taxa. The paper includes nice figures, mostly showing high resolution photographs of the involved specimens and additionally provides LSID information for the new clade names and their synapomorphies for to be available in both the ICZN Code and the International Code of Phylogenetic Nomenclature (PhyloCode). I am very pleased to have been involved in the editorial history of this study, as it will be, without doubt, a reference for future studies on Teleosauroid crocodylomorphs and related groups.
A new species of alien terrestrial planarian in Spain: Caenoplana decolorata
Jean-Lou Justine –– This paper formally describes a new species of land flatworm which is invasive in Spain and probably other countries in Europe. For conservation purposes, it is important that this species has now a binomial name and can be distinguished from similar species, which are also invasive.
Biodiversity and Conservation

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