Biodiversity and Conservation

Designing online species identification tools for biological recording: the impact on data quality and citizen science learning
Patricia Gandini –– The paper address an important isuue, How to improve the process of identifing species and covers an important new área not enough explores un research
Effects of dredging on the vegetation in a small lowland river
Paolo Giordani –– A nice contribution to the management of river ecosystems.
Phylogeography and population genetics of the endemic Malagasy bat, Macronycteris commersoni s.s. (Chiroptera: Hipposideridae)
Jason Blackburn –– Linkages between geography and bioinformatics are revolutionizing how we think about species, species distributions, and population dynamics.
Common garden comparisons confirm inherited differences in sensitivity to climate change between forest tree species
Andrew Robinson –– It's a useful comparison between species using well-established statistical models.
Method for the quantitative evaluation of ecosystem services in coastal regions
Gregory Verutes –– coastal and marine ecosystem services are part of the Earth's life support system. these benefits are vital to nature and people. this article sheds light on the flow of some of these important benefits and how to score them in a cohesive framework.
Optimal control of irrupting pest populations in a climate-driven ecosystem
Patricia Gandini –– The paper based in a consumer - resource population provides a very well designed model that will help for the design of pest control programs by chosing adequate strategies and timings.
Combining ultraconserved elements and mtDNA data to uncover lineage diversity in a Mexican highland frog (Sarcohyla; Hylidae)
Tomas Hrbek –– Nice paper dwelling deep into the diversity of a rare species complex of Mexican tree frogs that also demonstrates the synergy of 16S rDNA and UCE data in studies of amphibian diversity.
Simultaneous preservation of the DNA quality, the community composition and the density of freshwater oligochaetes for the development of genetically based biological indices
Xavier Pochon –– This interesting study provides some of the fundamental method development for using DNA from soft bodied invertebrates in biological monitoring without destroying the specimens.
The effectiveness of Payments for Ecosystem Services at delivering improvements in water quality: lessons for experiments at the landscape scale
Matthew Wilson –– Statistically-sound evaluation of the effectiveness of payments for ecosystem services is extremely difficult. This paper presents one the first attempts to implement a randomised controlled trial (the statistical gold-standard in evaluation of effectiveness) for watershed management. Along the way, the challenges and limitations of implementing such a scheme are highlighted: thus, the paper will serve as a valuable reference point for others in the field.
Impact of rising sea levels on Australian fur seals
Amanda Ridley –– Linking species ecology and climate change impacts on habitat is an important tool to predict future population growth.
Biodiversity and Conservation

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