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Non-destructive insect metabarcoding for surveillance and biosecurity in citrus orchards: recording the good, the bad and the psyllids
Ravinder Kumar, Handling Editor
Biomes of the world under climate change scenarios: increasing aridity and higher temperatures lead to significant shifts in natural vegetation
"An interesting article that shows the impact of climate change on vegetation."
Patricia Gandini, Handling Editor
What are the Andean Colombian anurans? Empirical regionalization proposals vs. observed patterns of compositional dissimilarity
"This article is an important contribution to the regionalization of Andean Colombian anurans giving new tools to unify different criteria for its categorization"
Patricia Gandini, Handling Editor
Allopatric speciation is more prevalent than parapatric ecological divergence in a recent high-Andean diversification (Linochilus: Asteraceae)
"It is a very nice study that evaluates hypotheses of plant species diversity in a biodiversity hotspot."
Alison Nazareno, Handling Editor
Integrating robotics into wildlife conservation: testing improvements to predator deterrents through movement
"Important new research showing how incorporating new technology into agricultural practices might help minimize human-wildlife conflict."
Alan McElligott, Handling Editor
Land abandonment as driver of woody vegetation dynamics in Tamaulipan thornscrub at Northeastern Mexico
"This work improves the understanding of the processes of successional changes in woody vegetation communities that occur in different regions of the world"
Mykola Karabiniuk, Handling Editor
Building consensus around the assessment and interpretation of Symbiodiniaceae diversity
"The naming conventions and techniques used to characterize Symbiodiniaceae diversity have been contentious, and as one referee commented this consensus statement is sorely needed "to ensure that future debates focus on the merits of the science from a starting point of mutual understanding." A methodologically focused review of best practices, including why some methods fall short, provides a much-needed foundation for the field."
Robert Toonen, Handling Editor
Aircraft surveys for air eDNA: probing biodiversity in the sky
"This paper adds to a growing literature highlighting the emerging field of airborne eDNA research"
Eric Ward, Handling Editor
Molecular identity crisis: environmental DNA metabarcoding meets traditional taxonomy—assessing biodiversity and freshwater mussel populations (Unionidae) in Alabama
"This manuscript should be another example of why an integrated approach in taxonomy is important to solve taxonomic and biodiversity issues."
Izwandy Idris, Handling Editor
Pesticides reduce tropical amphibian and reptile diversity in agricultural landscapes in Indonesia
"Combined observational and experimental approaches for vertebrate wildlife - particularly with respect to agricultural practices including pesticide use - are rare. This study is a helpful contribution and provides unique data on how certain practices may impact different taxa."
Max Lambert, Handling Editor

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