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LncRNA NEAT1 regulated diabetic retinal epithelial-mesenchymal transition through regulating miR-204/SOX4 axis
"Epitehelial mesencyhmal transition is one of the important thing for progression of DM. lncRNAs and miRNAS is the new markers for DM and other diseases. These markers would be also the potential therapeutic targets."
Zekiye Altun, Handling Editor
Integrated mRNA-seq and miRNA-seq analysis of goat fibroblasts response to Brucella Melitensis strain M5-90
"Provides novel information on host/pathogen interactions"
Howard Young, Handling Editor
Expression of thermophilic two-domain laccase from Catenuloplanes japonicus in Escherichia coli and its activity against triarylmethane and azo dyes
"The authors characterized a lacasse with novel properties"
Diego Gomez-Casati, Handling Editor
Maximization of information transmission influences selection of native phosphorelay architectures
"This is a fair good paper on mathematical modeling of physiological responses"
José Pérez-Ortín, Handling Editor
Myocardial contrast echocardiography assessment of mouse myocardial infarction: comparison of kinetic parameters with conventional methods
"This manuscript would advance the thinking in the area of preclinical myocardial contrast echocardiography."
Gaurav Sharma, Handling Editor
The combination of lactoferrin and linolenic acid inhibits colorectal tumor growth through activating AMPK/JNK-related apoptosis pathway
"The colorectal cancer is a deadly disease. Additionally the curative or palliative treatments depict intense side effects. Then the studies which could give insights for new approaches to prevention or treatment of this disease are important. In this work authors showed the association of lactoferrin + linolenic acid, which could be used as supplements in food, induces apoptosis through AMPK/JNK pathway and also delays tumor growth in vivo using colorectal tumor model."
Diego Wilke, Handling Editor
Biotin-streptavidin-guided two-step pretargeting approach using PLGA for molecular ultrasound imaging and chemotherapy for ovarian cancer
"The use of US molecular imaging and therapy is very imporant as a new cancer treatment."
Ferdinand Frauscher, Handling Editor
Liver proteome alterations in psychologically distressed rats and a nootropic drug
"The liver proteomics study in liver could help us better understand the cellular process under psychological stress"
Minjun Chen, Handling Editor
Native to designed: microbial α-amylases for industrial applications
"This article systematically reviews microbial α-amylases and their applications. Provided information is very useful."
Vladimir Uversky, Handling Editor
High glucose treatment promotes extracellular matrix proteome remodeling in Müller glial cells
"This work characterizes ECM proteome remodeling in response to glucose and points to possible therapeutic targets whose modulation may be relevant to the treatment of neurodegeneration in diabetic retinopathy."
Shawn Gomez, Handling Editor

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LncRNA NEAT1 regulated diabetic retinal epithelial-mesenchymal transition through regulating miR-204/SOX4 axis https://t.co/I71FMa4tV8 @thePeerJ https://t.co/G5hFVM7VBy

Genome-wide identification of alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) gene family under waterlogging stress in wheat (Triticum aestivum) https://t.co/CWcgRjNmIS @thePeerJ

Ngunjiri et al. @OhioState @UF examine Influenza A virus infection in turkeys induces respiratory and enteric bacterial dysbiosis correlating with cytokine #gene expression Read the full @PeerJLife article https://t.co/9f3R44EXCB #Genetics #Microbiology #MolecularBio https://t.co/AfJMCU9E06

The effects of genetic drift and genomic selection on differentiation and local adaptation of the introduced populations of Aedes albopictus in southern Russia Research from Konorov et al. published in Peer - https://t.co/vzcm50eakd #Entomology #EvolutionaryStudies #Genomics https://t.co/2PPbzRmGCc

Inheritance of heat tolerance in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne, Poaceae): evidence from progeny array analysis https://t.co/viXEEYYYGR @thePeerJ https://t.co/jJklqKpaAj