Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology

Effects of particle size on physicochemical and functional properties of superfine black kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) powder
Chin Ping Tan –– This paper reports the physicochemical and functional properties of superfine black kidney bean produced by using an eccentric vibratory mill.
Analysis of cause-effect inference by comparing regression errors
Charles Elkan –– This paper provides a very simple method to determine the direction of causation between two correlated variables that do not have a common cause. While the general idea was known before, this paper makes the idea precise, with solid mathematical and experimental justification.
Dual network embedding for representing research interests in the link prediction problem on co-authorship networks
Diego Amancio –– The link prediction problem is an important problem in Science of Science.
Efficient generation of human primordial germ cell-like cells from pluripotent stem cells in a methylcellulose-based 3D system at large scale
Shao-Chen Sun –– A system which produces more primordial germ cell-like cells.
Inhibition of MEK1/2 and GSK3 (2i system) affects blastocyst quality and early differentiation of porcine parthenotes
Shao-Chen Sun –– The authors introduce a approach which could improve early embryo development.
Chemical analysis and evaluation of antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of fruit fractions of Mauritia flexuosa L. f. (Arecaceae)
Chin Ping Tan –– Evaluation of potential bioactiive compounds from a less commonly consumed fruit is an interesting topic to researchers working on the similar research area.
Sclerostin promotes human dental pulp cells senescence
Praveen Arany –– Important data for regenerative endodontics that can, someday soon, prevent the need for root canal treatments!
Cytokine and microRNA levels during different periods of paradoxical sleep deprivation and sleep recovery in rats
Howard Young –– This is an article that addresses a understudied physical condition (at least at the moleculr level), i.e. sleep derivation. The findings represent novel data that further emphasizes the role of cytokines in host biological responses and the role of inflammation in overall host physiology.
Energy cost associated with moving platforms
Michael Holmes –– Can provide valuable information for health and safety experts.
Obtaining filamentous fungi and lipases from sewage treatment plant residue for fat degradation in anaerobic reactors
Vladimir Uversky –– An interesting manuscript on important topic.
Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology

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