Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology

qPCR multiplex detection of microRNA and messenger RNA in a single reaction
Rogerio Sotelo-Mundo –– This novel method of mRNA and miRNA has lots of potential for application in many areas of biological research.
Marsupial and monotreme milk—a review of its nutrient and immune properties
Grant McClelland –– This comprehensive review brings together current knowledge of marsupial and monotreme milk. This will provide a valuable resource for those interested in maternal care in mammals.
Biochemical parameters, dynamic tensiometry and circulating nucleic acids for cattle blood analysis: a review
Zekiye Altun –– This review is related to veterinary biochemistry and circulating nucleic acids. This review will help at this research area to researchers.
Evaluation of the effective dose of amygdalin for the improvement of antioxidant gene expression and suppression of oxidative damage in mice
Sanket Joshi –– The administration of low-medium dose of amygdalin showed improved oxidative balance in male-mice models, and further-future studies and experiments might highlight it as a potential cancer therapy option (however few contrasting reports also showing potentially fatal cyanide poisoning)!
Expression and protease characterization of a conserved protein YgjD in Vibrio harveyi
Mohammed Gagaoua –– Interesting manuscript that characterized a protease from Vibrio harveyi
Application of High Resolution Melt analysis (HRM) for screening haplotype variation in a non-model plant genus: Cyclopia (Honeybush)
Gabriele Casazza –– Add new methodological information on genetic analyses
Luteolin attenuates doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity by modulating the PHLPP1/AKT/Bcl-2 signalling pathway
Cheng-Chia Yu –– Luteolin administration as novel and natural therapeutic to protect against chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity
The GAR domain integrates functions that are necessary for the proper localization of fibrillarin (FBL) inside eukaryotic cells
David Tollervey –– The repeat structure and presence of methylation in GAR / RGG domains is a conserved feature of many proteins, This work helps clarify their functional significance.
Icariin protects against sodium azide—induced neurotoxicity by activating the PI3K/Akt/GSK-3β signaling pathway
Jesús Campos-García –– Scientific knowledge about the mechanisms of action of natural products is relevant to understand their ancient use in the treatment of diseases. Deep in the molecular mechanisms involved is a scientific challenge.
A real-time PCR assay to accurately quantify polar bear DNA in fecal extracts
Xavier Pochon –– A valuable novel qPCR assay for accurate quantification of the amount of polar bear DNA in fecal extracts!
Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology

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