Aquatic Biology

Sizing ocean giants: patterns of intraspecific size variation in marine megafauna
28 citations · 84,400 views · 4,174 downloads
Boxer crabs induce asexual reproduction of their associated sea anemones by splitting and intraspecific theft
2 citations · 36,989 views · 837 downloads
Sequencing at sea: challenges and experiences in Ion Torrent PGM sequencing during the 2013 Southern Line Islands Research Expedition
7 citations · 15,622 views · 4,052 downloads
ezRAD: a simplified method for genomic genotyping in non-model organisms
71 citations · 11,392 views · 2,608 downloads
Ship noise extends to frequencies used for echolocation by endangered killer whales
20 citations · 11,481 views · 2,391 downloads
Isthminia panamensis, a new fossil inioid (Mammalia, Cetacea) from the Chagres Formation of Panama and the evolution of ‘river dolphins’ in the Americas
13 citations · 10,744 views · 1,201 downloads
Weight–length relationships and Fulton’s condition factors of skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) in the western and central Pacific Ocean
13 citations · 1,603 views · 10,048 downloads
Indirect effects of overfishing on Caribbean reefs: sponges overgrow reef-building corals
31 citations · 9,792 views · 1,606 downloads
Gooseneck barnacles (Lepas spp.) ingest microplastic debris in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre
60 citations · 9,482 views · 1,610 downloads
Architecture of the sperm whale forehead facilitates ramming combat
4 citations · 9,882 views · 965 downloads

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79 days ago
We're thrilled to announce that our video won 1st place in @ocean180video challenge! Watch the video and then learn more about #parrotfish on #coralreefs in the source paper @TseLynn @StevenMcMurray @vicentejan

355 days ago
Boxer Crabs are the first known animals to stimulate another to reproduce. They host anemones like boxing gloves ...

Ship noise extends to frequencies used for echolocation by endangered killer whales TC4032 Hydrophone

@NHM_London ...and plenty to choose from in this great round-up of "ocean giants" by @DrCraigMc & co, ofc :) -

425 days ago
River dolphins evolved independently on different continents & even within S. America. See also @PyensonLab review:

Deutsche Welle: "When boxer crabs fight, anemones are the real winners" "Hard whale heads sink ships—or can they?"

The Guardian: "Ships' noise is serious problem for killer whales and dolphins, report finds"

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SDSU Team Is First to Use DNA Sequencer at Sea

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