Aquatic Biology

Effectiveness of five personal shark-bite deterrents for surfers
11 citations · 14,094 views · 1,042 downloads
Evidence of acclimatization or adaptation in Hawaiian corals to higher ocean temperatures
23 citations · 11,167 views · 1,229 downloads
Citizen science data suggest that a novel rig improves landing rate and reduces injury and handling time in recreational angling with artificial lures in Baltic pike (Esox lucius)
1 citation · 10,203 views · 438 downloads
Does bathymetry drive coastal whale shark (Rhincodon typus) aggregations?
10 citations · 5,967 views · 777 downloads
Herbivore biocontrol and manual removal successfully reduce invasive macroalgae on coral reefs
18 citations · 5,354 views · 932 downloads
Increased presence of mammal-eating killer whales in the Salish Sea with implications for predator-prey dynamics
3 citations · 4,408 views · 1,083 downloads
The newly described Araguaian river dolphins, Inia araguaiaensis (Cetartiodactyla, Iniidae), produce a diverse repertoire of acoustic signals
7 citations · 4,363 views · 961 downloads
Active management is required to turn the tide for depleted Ostrea edulis stocks from the effects of overfishing, disease and invasive species
17 citations · 4,350 views · 960 downloads
The effect of tides on nearshore environmental DNA
32 citations · 4,273 views · 813 downloads
High similarity in the microbiota of cold-water sponges of the Genus Mycale from two different geographical areas
14 citations · 4,641 views · 387 downloads
Aquatic Biology

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