Aquatic Biology

Sizing ocean giants: patterns of intraspecific size variation in marine megafauna
43 citations · 94,030 views · 5,332 downloads
Arthropods of the great indoors: characterizing diversity inside urban and suburban homes
25 citations · 63,517 views · 4,908 downloads
Humans differ in their personal microbial cloud
116 citations · 55,297 views · 5,805 downloads
Genome-scale investigation of phenotypically distinct but nearly clonal Trichoderma strains
2 citations · 54,630 views · 617 downloads
The relationship of female physical attractiveness to body fatness
14 citations · 49,921 views · 2,808 downloads
Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) reassure others in distress
36 citations · 50,288 views · 2,430 downloads
Regenerative agriculture: merging farming and natural resource conservation profitably
23 citations · 42,492 views · 6,840 downloads
Ontogeny in the tube-crested dinosaur Parasaurolophus (Hadrosauridae) and heterochrony in hadrosaurids
23 citations · 45,852 views · 3,165 downloads
Record breaking achievements by spiders and the scientists who study them
11 citations · 42,865 views · 4,837 downloads
The effect of habitual and experimental antiperspirant and deodorant product use on the armpit microbiome
19 citations · 44,507 views · 2,222 downloads
Aquatic Biology

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Parra-Olea et al. ( Partial revision of the genus, phylogenetic hypothesis, and five new species of the Mexican plethodontid salamander genus Chiropterotriton (C. casasi, C. ceronorum, C. melipona, C. perotensis, C. totonacus)

Characterization of the bacterial microbiota composition and #evolution at different intestinal tract in wild pigs (Sus scrofa ussuricus) @thePeerJ

Microbiome analysis by primmorphs. Took more than year to publish с помощью @thePeerJ

Studying the impacts of wheat spatial position and phenology on cereal aphid abundance @MeravSeifan

My article has been published today in @thePeerJ #Biodiversity #MolecularBiology #PlantScience

Discover Magazine: "From Longest Name to Loudest Sound, Scientists Catalog Over 100 Spider World Records"

The Washington Post: "The stinky truth: Deodorant can change your body’s bacteria"

Smithsonian: "Dozens of Insects and Spiders May Live in Every Room of Your House"

The Smithsonian: "You Produce a Microbial Cloud That Can Act Like an Invisible Fingerprint"

Coverage in National Geographic by Ed Yong

A Reassuring Trunk: Evidence of Consolation in Elephants