Aquatic Biology

Individual behavioral type captured by a Bayesian model comparison of cap making by sponge crabs
Donald Kramer –– The reviewers agree that this is a strong paper, introducing improved methods for statistical analysis to the broad field of behavioral ecology and personality in particular.
Fauna associated with shallow-water methane seeps in the Laptev Sea
Mark Costello –– It is on the fauna of a recently discovered and unusual deep-sea habitat in an area difficult to sample.
Fitness benefits and costs of shelters to the sea urchin Glyptocidaris crenularis
Oren Levy –– A study in understanding sea urchin biology
Diffusion tubes: a method for the mass culture of ctenophores and other pelagic marine invertebrates
James Reimer –– An important step for an understudied basal metazoan group of animals.
Alternative dietary protein and water temperature influence the skin and gut microbial communities of yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi)
María Ángeles Esteban –– There are only a few articles describing the microbiome of this fish species. Therefore this article contributes with new relevant knowledge for the field. This is a very interesting work on a yet-understudied famed fish species showing that diet could be designed to the fish microbiome.
Effects of mucus trail following on the distance between individuals of opposite sex and its influence on the evolution of the trait in the Ezo abalone Haliotis discus hannai
James Reimer –– A novel and unique study on abalone behavior.
Effects of auxin derivatives on phenotypic plasticity and stress tolerance in five species of the green alga Desmodesmus (Chlorophyceae, Chlorophyta)
John Berges –– The demonstration that an environmental factor (plant hormone) can change the colony structure of an alga is significant. Such meristics were once important for taxonomy.
Sound production in the Meagre, Argyrosomus regius (Asso, 1801): intraspecific variability associated with size, sex and context
James Reimer –– As one of the reviewers states, this is the most in-depth study on a hot topic in coral reef science.
Seasonal variability and vertical distribution of autotrophic and heterotrophic picoplankton in the Central Red Sea
Monique Messié –– This study represents a comprehensive assessment of vertical and seasonal picoplankton variations (auto- and heterotrophic) in the Red Sea, a little-studied region.
Mediterranean nekton traits: distribution, relationships and significance for marine ecology monitoring and management
James Reimer –– An impressive dataset of Mediterranean nekton species traits that provides baseline data for future research.
Aquatic Biology

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Parra-Olea et al. ( Partial revision of the genus, phylogenetic hypothesis, and five new species of the Mexican plethodontid salamander genus Chiropterotriton (C. casasi, C. ceronorum, C. melipona, C. perotensis, C. totonacus)

Characterization of the bacterial microbiota composition and #evolution at different intestinal tract in wild pigs (Sus scrofa ussuricus) @thePeerJ

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