Aquatic Biology

Century-scale changes in phytoplankton phenology in the Gulf of Maine
Robert Toonen –– To quote one of the referees: Time series lengthy enough to assess climate impacts are still rare so bringing together data to produce a long time series is very useful. This study demonstrates that some of the changes related to climate effects are what we might expect (the autumn bloom is now later) but some are unexpected and require more detailed understanding.
Identification of candidate reference genes for qRT-PCR normalization studies of salinity stress and injury in Onchidium reevesii
Oren Levy –– A new reference genes for using qRT-PCR normalisation Onchidium reevesii
Age, growth, mortality and recruitment of thin sharpbelly Toxabramis swinhonis Günther, 1873 in three shallow lakes along the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River basin, China
Suchana Chavanich –– No previous study on this
Genotypic variation in disease susceptibility among cultured stocks of elkhorn and staghorn corals
Robert Toonen –– In the words of one referee, coral restoration is a rapidly increasingly area of research, and one that is sadly needed. This study reports significant genetic variation in disease susceptibility among cultured corals, and the importance of including disease resistance among the desirable traits for restoration efforts.
On the half-life of thiocyanate in the plasma of the marine fish Amphiprion ocellaris: implications for cyanide detection
Robert Toonen –– Cyanide fishing is not only harmful to the environment and the individuals who undertake this activity, but also to those who inadvertently support it by purchasing fish that are poisoned and will not survive. There is no currently rapid and cost-effective test for the determination of cyanide exposure in marine ornamental and other live fish markets. To quote one referee, this paper is a critical first step: "understanding the pharmacokinetics of cyanide in marine fish will allow for the identification of a viable biomarker that can lead to the development of a rapid onsite test for cyanide detection in fish."
Eyes in Staurozoa (Cnidaria): a review
Linda Holland –– This article pulls together information on photoreceptors in a poorly understood group of cnidarians. In an era when zoology is often ignored, this is a valuable contribution.
Heat stress compromises epithelial integrity in the coral, Acropora hyacinthus
Anastazia Banaszak –– With coral diseases and bleaching on the rise, it is important to have more information on how corals react to heat stress.
The response of sulfur dioxygenase to sulfide in the body wall of Urechis unincinctus
James Reimer –– As stated by the reviewers, the mechanistic approach across levels in this specific piece of work represent an important step forward in our understanding of sulfide physiology.
Seasonal variations of the ichthyoplankton assemblage in the Yangtze Estuary and its relationship with environmental factors
Jianjun Wang –– This is a valuable contribution to the understanding of ichthyoplankton assemblage in the Yangtze Estuary.
Maternal inheritance of F1 hybrid morphology and colony shape in the coral genus Acropora
Anastazia Banaszak –– An interesting study about naturally-occurring hybrids in the field.
Aquatic Biology

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